Now that Jeb Bush is gone, mainstream media have to make Marco Rubio look like a GOP star like I predicted…

It’s very strange to me how the mainstream media works. Trump is doing so well in the election, kicking ass in every poll and most states but the mainstream media never wants to treat Mr. Trump with any respect for it. The media tried their best to make Jeb Bush look like the GOP star in the election but they failed miserably. Now they’re trying it with Marco Rubio like I predicted. Even though Marco is not doing so well in the election at all, they do their best to make Marco look more popular than Trump. It’s just sad really.

I did watch the GOP Debate last night and it was great. Trump killed it like always and won it like always but sure enough, media tries to make Rubio look like the winner even though his polls are pretty average at best. So sad. The media is so dishonest and corrupt… what’s even sadder is that most liberals in America can’t see that.

Now that Jeb Bush is gone, somebody else have to attack Trump as a desperate attempt to survive in the race. Ted Cruz got into the attacking last night too, I see. It was a two against one war Rubio/Cruz vs. Trump last night. I’ve noticed Kasich and Carson stayed away from the Trump bashing, though.

Some of Trump’s best moments last night was when Trump said that Obamacare is gonna destroy the economy even worse and I agree. Trump also said that education should be local and not be controlled by the government which he was referring to Common Core.

Also, Marco Rubio did his best to destroy Trump but failed miserably at that too. When you try to go after Mr. Trump, you just unleashed the pitbull so be careful there, Rubio. Trump just destroyed Rubio about not being a good negotiator and Trump said that he has seen Rubio suffered a melt down while negotiating over something which was awesome. Rubio didn’t say much after that and you can tell Rubio was pissed too.

All the Trump haters need to get over themselves and get used to it. Trump has the media beat ’cause they can’t stop him no matter how hard they try.

One big reason why I love Mr. Trump is that he speaks from the heart. He doesn’t read off of anything. His answers aren’t prepared. Rubio and Cruz were reading off of teleprompters but Trump doesn’t need a teleprompter. Whatever’s on Trump’s mind, it’s gonna get said. Also, another reason why I respect Trump so much is that he’s playing this election fairly and legally. He’s the only one playing fair and he doesn’t cheat. Like I said, if there’s someone who can stop election fraud, it’s Mr. Trump.

Yeah, Mr. Trump does have a bit of an ego problem yes… I won’t deny that but sometimes “ego” is a good thing. He’s got to have an ego if he wants to achieve his dreams and his goals. Having an ego got where he is today, a successful businessman. A lot of people say that having an ego is “bad” but not always. Having an ego can be useful and I’ll talk about that in another post sometime.

Last’s night’s GOP debate was great. Trump is gonna be the next one.


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