It’s funny how Bernie fans wants to pretend that illegal Mexicans aren’t dangerous, are they this delusional?

Bernie fans live in this fantasy world that illegal Mexicans are just people who doesn’t have much in their lives which is why they believe they are illegally coming here so they can better their lives. In their delusional mind, they believe illegal Mexicans deserve more help like better jobs, more money, free healthcare, school/colleges and all of these goodies. They think that the Obama admin. wants to give these people better lives but it’s not. The only reason illegal Mexicans are coming into this country is so they can get registered to vote and vote Democrat. That’s how they are planning to cheat this election to help Hillary win.

Bernie fans are really this dumb. They only go by what the liberal media tells them but if they do their research and think outside the box, there are tons of info out there proving that illegal immigrants are very dangerous people. Many of them are in gangs. Many of them has been in prison or jail a lot. Many of them are also drug dealers. Even if some of them aren’t dangerous & violent, they still aren’t good people. They’re undocumented for a reason, y’all. You can’t trust them.

Do your research, statistics of crime committed by illegal immigrants is pretty high especially in Texas and other states down South where it’s a lot worse.

The mainstream media knows illegal immigrants are bad… they’ll never be honest about it ’cause all they’re doing is trying to destroy Trump and get him out of this election. That’s all they’re doing. That’s the only reason why the media won’t report anything bad about illegal Mexicans. Always making them look like they need our help.

Anyway, Mr. Trump wasn’t the one trying to explain the dangers of illegal immigrants. Ann Coulter’s been calling out on that long before Trump entered the race. Read Ann Coulter’s book, “Adios, America”. I read it and you should if you got the guts. She tells the truth about the violence and crime of illegal aliens in that book. You should read it. I’d recommend it. It’s an insightful and informative book really.

Illegal Mexicans aren’t good people at all and I’m gonna keep proving that in this blog. Tomorrow, I’m gonna start posting more info on illegal alien crimes from youtube videos to news stories. I’ve already posted a lot of this stuff in the past before though but will have no problem continuing it. Time to get the truth out there about illegal aliens. Even the other GOP candidates are acting like illegal aliens aren’t dangerous… I’m looking at you Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Idiots.

We really need that wall. I’m all for it.


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