Why I’ve been listening to a lot of jazz music as well…

A lot lately, I’ve also been listening to a lot of jazz music other than the blues. I love to listen to jazz as well. As some of you know, I’m a pretty big Al Di Meola fan. I also love Miles Davis and Wes Montgomery. About a week ago, I finished listening to all of Allan Holdsworth albums (who is awesome by the way) and I’m trying to make my way to listening to other jazz artists. I like jazz ’cause I want to study some jazz guitar as well.

Someday, I want to start making instrumental music that is kind of jazzy so I’m gonna start studying jazz guitar as well and I already have. It’s good to play both blues & jazz. I want my guitar playing to be as good as possible and want to melt peoples faces. Trying all I can to get there too. Jazz music is awesome and I’m trying to get more into that too.

I’ve been listening to Al Di Meola for the most part ’cause he really is my favorite jazz musician. If you want to hear face melting guitar playing gotta listen to that guy. I have a total of 8 albums of Al Di Meola in my music collection so I can proudly say I’m a die-hard fan of his. I kind of would like to play guitar like him. Allan Holdsworth just became my second favorite jazz musician.

I’ve been listening to a lot of both blues & jazz ’cause I’m trying to do whatever it takes to improve as a guitar player. I want to play more than just basic stuff… I want to branch out and explore. Play more difficult chords and play different scales.

In order to play this kind of music, you gotta have technical ability and have a good ear. Be good at improvisation and I’m working on all of that. I’m also trying to speed up my guitar playing in hopes of becoming a speed demon, a shredder type of guitar player is what I’m after. I’m not a speed demon or a shredder yet but I’m getting there, though. For now, I just play guitar moderately fast around 110 bpm is all I can do so far but I would like to play up 240 bpm but taking my time. In order to play fast lead guitar, you gotta start off slow and build your way up. Using the metronome will help build up your speed with a lot of practice.

Jazz music is awesome and it’s what I like to listen to when I don’t feel like listening to loud rock music. Sometimes I need to relax and calm myself… listening to jazz helps that.


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