Video: This Chelsea girl crying about those mean Trump supporters is proof why those Bernie fans are insane!

Those Bernie fans really think there is nothing wrong with those Illegal Mexican Immigrants do they? Now I see why those insane Bernie fans have so much hatred toward Trump supporters ’cause this video says it all and it’s all you need to know how insane those Bernie fans are. Those Bernie fans really believe that those Illegal Immigrant Mexicans don’t deserve to be shut out of this country. Those Bernie fans really believe that illegal aliens are good, sweet & innocent people who don’t deserve to be treated badly. Really?

Yeah, I say invite all those illegal immigrant Mexicans into the country. If your kids get abducted because of them or if your wife or daughter gets raped because of them, it’ll be your fault. Also, these illegal Mexicans will be coming to wreck peaceful towns and cities like destroying cars, vandalizing property, robbing stores, etc. You really want that here, hey?

Trust me, you’re gonna regret feeling sorry for those Illegal Mexicans. It doesn’t make us racist for being against illegal Mexicans, we just fear for our lives and our safety… that’s what it’s all about.

If you caught an illegal Mexican robbing your home at night, wearing a ski mask and pointing a gun at your face… I think you’ll owe Mr. Trump and his supporters an apology then.

Bernie fans are too friendly with illegal aliens ’cause Bernie is, go figure. So they go out of their way to call Trump and his supporters racist for it. Even worse, they even called him Hitler also. Bernie fans are insane and delusional.


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