For once I disagree with Donald Trump on something!!!

Yes, I did watch the New Hampshire GOP debate last night on TV. It was actually a pretty good one. Who did I think did the best job? Well, of course Trump killed it like always. I also liked Rubio and Ben Carson. So therefor: Trump, Rubio and Carson were the stars last night. I thought those three did the best job last night but all the others were losers.

While Mr. Trump did the best job; however, there is one thing that I disagree with him on. Remember, the part where Trump and Rubio were arguing about whether or not they believe that Barack Obama knows what he’s doing in destroying America? Well, Rubio says that Obama knows what he’s doing and says that Obama is intentionally trying to destroy America but Trump says Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’ve always said on these blogs that Obama is pretty smart and he definitely knows what he’s doing in destroying America. All Rubio was trying to say is that Obama is trying to redefine America but not in a good way but Trump and the other candidates ripped him for it. So yeah, I think I’m siding with Rubio on this one. Obama is purposefully destroying America which is what Rubio is saying but Trump wants to act like Obama is dumb and destroying America by accident. For some reason Trump seems to be afraid to admit that Obama is purposefully trying to destroy America which Rubio had the balls to say it. I liked Rubio last night. I loved how Rubio called out the evil corruption of Obama and Hillary which Trump was admittedly pretty weak on. Rubio was the only one last night who called out the evils of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and those so-called “conservatives” still wanna bash Rubio? Just more reasons why the conservative party sucks so bad right now!

While I have grown into liking Marco Rubio more and more, I still don’t like his immigration plan as I think Rubio’s immigration views sucks so bad but other than that… most of Rubio’s policies and ideas are pretty cool.

The best Trump moments last night was when he called out how fake the audience were. The audience were cheerleaders for Jeb Bush but I think they were planted there by Jeb. Trump called out the fake audience by saying things like, “I don’t need their money, the reason they’re angry is ’cause I don’t need their money”. It went something like that. I also loved how Trump said he was going to bring back “waterboarding” and even worse things then that. I also loved how Trump responded to the “Black Lives Matter” question and he replied that we need to respect our police.

As for Dr. Ben Carson, I loved how he destroyed Ted Cruz over the “dropping out of the race” lie. Dr. Carson destroyed Ted last night but was friendly and kind about it. Dr. Carson silenced Ted by not attacking him so Dr. Carson was a man with class. Also, Dr. Carson continues to call out the corrupt media who continues to make him look bad and that was awesome too.

All the other GOP guys were losers like usual. I can’t stand John Kasich, Christie and Jeb.

Trump was the real winner here like always. Wanna know why so many people respect Trump? Simply because he’s real. He doesn’t use prepared & scripted answers. Trump isn’t afraid to speak his mind while all the other GOP candidates reads off of teleprompters when answering debate questions. Trump doesn’t use a teleprompter at all, he doesn’t read off of anything which is why Trump continues to surge in the election. Everybody knows he’s the real deal.

It was surprisingly a good debate last night and the ABC moderators were surprisingly respectful to Trump and the other guys.


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