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Right-wingers are getting excited about Obama’s oval office address tonight when they shouldn’t…

All day long, the right wing community have been getting all excited about Obama’s address in the oval office tonight to speak about terrorism (and um, gun control). Why the right-wing community are going crazy over this? It’s because they are expecting him to utter these words, “islamic terrorism” when you know he won’t. He’ll mention the word “terrorism” yes but he won’t put “Islam” and “terrorism” in the same sentence at all tonight. I expect Obama to go off on gun control and Climate Change mostly. *yawn*

All Obama gonna do is say a bunch of bullshit that is gonna outrage the right-wing community so “right-wingers” shouldn’t get all excited at all.

I’m probably gonna watch tonight and will give my thoughts after.


It’s pretty insane that the left thinks Climate Change is a greater threat than terrorism… really???

Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders both wanna believe that Climate Change is a greater threat than terrorism… libtards probably agree with them too. In my opinion, the Earth is fine and there’s no such thing as Climate Change. I never believed in this “Climate Change” crap myself.

I’m tired of the left ramming “Climate Change” down our throats just like I’m tired of them ramming “homosexuality” and “Islam” down our throats when there are more important things in life to worry about. Those things three things aren’t important.

What about our need for safety and staying alive? That’s more important than anything but the left is more worried about “Climate Change” and they’re worried about trying to force us to accept homosexuality & Islam. Just wrong if you ask me.


Finally, the liberal left came up with a conspiracy theory we can all pick on ’em about…

Is there really water on Mars? I call bullshit!!! I think the only reason they made that claim is to get more publicity ’cause of that movie called “The Martian” with Matt Damon coming out this weekend. Ya think? NASA also wants to claim that Climate Change destroyed life on Mars. Sorry but there’s no evidence at all of either of those claims.

I think Obama and NASA are in bed with each other. Obama is in control of NASA ’cause after all, Obama is following NASA on twitter.

It’s impossible to have water on Mars and I’ll have another post on that soon. Don’t trust NASA ’cause I think they’re being controlled by Obama and his admin. Just trying to find ways to promote the make believe “Climate Change”.


I didn’t watch the Pope Francis speech and I don’t care to…

The last thing ya wanna do is trust the Pope, no matter who they are ’cause the reality is they are evil people. I did watch some of the Pope arrival stuff on the White House youtube channel and I watched Barack’s introduction to the Pope’s but that’s as far as I got. I can’t see myself hearing the Pope going off about the fake “Climate Change” and going off about “Immigration”. There’s a lot of talk that this Pope is a communist and part of the NWO stuff so the last thing I would do is trust this piece of shit. No wonder Barack loves him.

I don’t understand all this media frenzy over the Pope when Bibi Netanyahu never got this much attention when he came over here. The liberal bias in all of this is disgusting.

The Pope is very dangerous and evil. If anyone finds that offensive, here’s a big middle finger.


The GOP doesn’t bring up “Climate Change” ’cause it doesn’t exist… get over yourselves…

One thing that the libtards love to do is rail against the GOP for not bringing up “Climate Change” or not doing anything about it. Why? Well think about why… the answer is real simple, really. It’s because “Climate Change” doesn’t exist. It’s all made up by liberal politicians. If you believe that “Climate Change” is the greatest threat of this world only because Barack Obama says so then you are one messed up individual.

I don’t believe in “Climate Change”. The Earth is what it is. You can’t do anything to make it better ’cause you get what you get.

The only reason that Barack Obama is promoting “Climate Change” is ’cause it’s the only thing that makes him look good and it gives him something to do. He’s done nothing but treat America in a negative direction and Obama’s got a lot of flak for it. So he goes out of his way to do his “Climate Change” make believe crap to look like a hero before his presidency goes out.

There’s no way to make the Earth better and even politicians can’t do that. The Earth is what it is, once again.

Don’t believe that “Climate Change” is the greatest threat crap ’cause the Earth is pretty much fine other than pollution being a slight problem but that’s about all.

I don’t believe in “Climate Change” and neither should you.


Hypocrite Obama who claims to care about “Climate Change” and saving the Earth jets to play a game of golf…

Last week, Obama said at a speech in San Francisco, “I am committed to taking bold actions at home and abroad to cut carbon pollution.”

Well, here he goes jetting off in Air Force One to play a game of golf in Palm Springs. Polluting the air even more.


Um, yeah, he’s such a hero at saving the planet when he wastes a lot of jet fuel going to golf courses, fund raisers, vacations, speeches, etc.

We also have all kinds of things going on in America like the Charleston shootings. He also can’t come up with a strategy to defeat ISIS and he goes golfing. Instead of spending Father’s Day with his so-called daughters, Sasha and Malia, he goes golfing in California.

Yet, those dumb liberals aren’t outraged at him. Instead, they’ll be like, “Oh yay, there’s my President Obama. Go Obama GO!”.


Obama does a Q&A session on twitter about the fake “Climate Change”, of course, all the haters come in…

Obama did a funny Q&A session on twitter earlier today about the fake “Climate Change”. Sure enough, a lot of haters asked him why he sucks as president and many bashed him, of course.


While Barack ignored many of the haters tweets, he did respond to one of them… somebody asked Barack why he won’t release the full text of the TPP deal and surprisingly enough, Barack actually responded:

I’m pretty sure he’s lying to that twitter user about nothing being secretive about the TPP text and I’m sure he’s lying about Congress having a debate about it.

I’m sure all of his other responses are all “lies” too. How do you like that? Obama starts Q&A’s to lie to the American people.

I love Alex Jones’s tweet, asking Barack if he visits Frank Marshall Davis’s grave. LOL! Alex has balls for that, I’ll commend him.

I’m sure Barack expected he was gonna get a bunch of tweets bashing him. This is gonna happen each time he does an online Q&A.