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Yep, Paris attack another false flag…


Like I said before guys, any terrorist attack or mass shooting and if Obama is quick to respond to it… chances are it’s gonna be a false flag. Paris looks to be another false flag which is no surprise. This meme’s been making the rounds of social networking and it seems pretty real. That same woman has been at all of the attacks… she was probably a hired actress to pretend to be a victim.

I sort of had a feeling that the Paris, Bataclan theater is another false flag by the Obama admin.

Yes, it’s definitely possible that the US government can fake terrorist attacks and mass shootings. ISIS isn’t even real anyways ’cause they’re a fictional terrorist group and always has been.


It’s pretty insane that the left thinks Climate Change is a greater threat than terrorism… really???

Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders both wanna believe that Climate Change is a greater threat than terrorism… libtards probably agree with them too. In my opinion, the Earth is fine and there’s no such thing as Climate Change. I never believed in this “Climate Change” crap myself.

I’m tired of the left ramming “Climate Change” down our throats just like I’m tired of them ramming “homosexuality” and “Islam” down our throats when there are more important things in life to worry about. Those things three things aren’t important.

What about our need for safety and staying alive? That’s more important than anything but the left is more worried about “Climate Change” and they’re worried about trying to force us to accept homosexuality & Islam. Just wrong if you ask me.


After the Paris attack, I’m feeling that concerts around the world will boost security…

After the Paris attack at Bataclan Theater, I’m feeling that concert venues around the world will boost security when fans walk in to hand in their tickets. Concerts around the world already do have security when you walk in but I’m feeling they’re gonna boost it even harder pretty soon. Before you walk into the venue, they’re gonna start. I’m sure many big concert venues already do have metal detectors and all that stuff but they’ll make security even more tougher. They’re probably gonna start having guards outside of the arenas and theaters and watching fans every move. They could start doing pat down searches there too if they see that something might look a little suspicious. Pretty soon you won’t be allowed to bring in your cell phones and mobile phones and all that stuff. They’ll take your backpacks and they could search women’s pocketbooks and things like that. Some of them have already been doing that but security searching at concerts would get a lot tougher indeed. I’m sure many venues around America and the rest of the world are already discussing big plans.

This could happen to any band concert or any staged theatre play.

Wonder what the motive was to attack the Bataclan theater when there was a rock concert going on with the Eagles of Death Metal headlining? Did it have anything to do with music? No. I’m sure it had something to do with gun control… either that or those Muslims simply wanted to send a message to America letting us know that we could be next. It was some kind of message for sure. A message that they’re coming for us.

I’m also calling on it that this could be a way to get “martial law” to happen so Barack can extend his presidency. I mean… think about it, a big terrorist attack happens around the time of the elections and before Barack’s presidency goes out. ISIS is government controlled (started by CIA & Mossad), remember that now. All those ISIS videos are so fake and Hollywood-like. They’re filmed like a B-movie.

I watched some of Barack’s statement actually on the Paris attack and it’s amazing to me that Barack shows no emotion. He doesn’t even look sad. He was pretty confident in his response to Paris. He didn’t break down crying or anything like that. If a real president responded to the Paris attacks, he would have showed some “emotion” and showed compassion to the victims and their families. Barack didn’t show any compassion. I’m pretty sick and disgusted that people keeps re-sharing Barack’s response in facebook and they treat him like a hero all of a sudden. Do those delusional libtards think he responded appropriately? That what was one of the worst response to a terrorist attack I ever heard. Obama has always been horrible at these things.

This country is getting bat-shit crazy. If you say that Muslims committed the Paris attack, sure enough, liberals will give you hell for it. Barack Obama and liberals say you can’t “speculate” well what else you want us to say when those gunmen chanted “Allah Akbar”? That’s a Muslim chant. You think other religions do that chant? Liberals defending Muslims is just idiotic and stupid. They know Muslims were involved in this, you can tell that they know. They will never admit it.


When will Muslims ever get exposed for their terrorism and violence? Everyone should know who they really are!

I find it real sad that people in America still refuses to hold Muslims responsible for terrorism and murdering people. The “right-wing” community are not afraid to call Muslims terrorists but the Obama admin., the mainstream media and liberals continue to protect Islam even to this very day. It’s all pathetic really. We all know that Muslims encourages killing people and has no problem with it. Listen to ET Williams aka The Doctor of Common Sense and he’ll tell you who Muslims really are.

ET Williams in the video below is exactly right that Muslims don’t have a care for human life at all. They have no problem blowing people’s brains out with machine guns, slitting their throats and Muslims even have no problem blowing themselves up with a bomb vest to kill people. If Muslims choose to live when killing people, they just move about their day as if nothing has happened. They have no remorse for killing people at all and it seems they enjoy it. These people will do anything in the name of Allah. That’s who they do it for pretty much.

As long as Barack is still in office, the media will continue to protect Islam. Instead of calling Muslims terrorists, the media and liberals will call them “extremists” which is pretty idiotic, in my opinion.

We really need to expose these bastards for who they really are. I’m tired of dumb people protecting them.

We’ll never get answers on what happened in Paris. We’ll never get the truth of the Paris theater attack just like we’ll never get the truth of 9/11/01 and Benghazi. It’ll be the same with the Paris attacks. We’ll get more cover-ups and more politicizing from the Obama admin.

What makes people think that Islam is so special? Islam is not a race and I don’t think it’s a “religion” either. The media and liberals will always protect Islam as long as Obama is still in office.

People deserve to know who Muslims really are and it will one day get proven.