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Is this getting sent to social media jail thing getting out of hand? Yes, it’s becoming a problem with all platforms, sad really…

This never been a real problem until now… ya know, getting sent to social media jail… getting your social media accounts banned/suspended/locked out or whatever. Social media used to be all for “free speech” until now. What happened?

You would come around think, “You think it’s only happening to the right wing community”… no, censorship is happening for the left too but yeah, no doubt about it… the right wing/conservative side got the censorship the worse. Not only getting sent to jail is a huge problem… censorship is worse with all these fact checkers ’cause they feel that the things we post is too right wing. Things from the mainstream media is accepted on FB and anything outside of the mainstream media is fact checked? Really?

I got locked out of twitter ’cause I used the word “cunt” in a tweet and twitter didn’t like that, I guess. I haven’t gotten kicked off of FB yet but if it happened, I wouldn’t care. FB is a waste and a cesspool anyways. Twitter is just as bad. Instagram and youtube both sucks too.

This is why sites like Parler and Rumble video got popular. Think about it, ya know? It’s because of all this censorship going on of social media giants.

The question is why is this all happening? I don’t know. I think it’s just more powerful people wanting more control and dominance over real people like us. Kind of like how Fauci and the CDC are controlling us over Covid, same thing. We’re being bullied and controlled by people more powerful than us.

Some of you would think, if you follow the TOS of social media then none of this would be happening. Um no, most of us aren’t stupid. We know how to behave quite well and we do know the rules. It’s just that these social media giants just make up the rules as they go along. Even we post things that aren’t against the TOS, and there’s nothing 100% wrong with the post or comment, we get banned anyways.

I’m sure plenty of right-wingers post plenty of things and they get banned ’cause it’s too right wing, not because of the TOS. It’s happening more and more and it’s disgusting. We all deserve our freedom of speech no matter which side.

It is all getting ridiculous though and it’s gotta stop. We really are in Orwellian times now like they all say… really sad. Trump tried his best to fight social media censorship but failed… expect it all to get worse under Biden, though.


Why I think Laura Loomer sucks as a journalist and believe conservatives shouldn’t be trusting her…

So Laura Loomer a so-called investigative conservative journalist got permanently banned from twitter (finally). Why did she get banned? According to reports she criticized a Muslim woman who got elected to Congress by the name of Ilhan Omar. Laura accused her of being “pro Sharia Law”, “pro FGM” and “anti-Jewish”. Just like that, Laura got permanently banned off of twitter. Then days later, she handcuffed herself to the twitter headquarters in NYC protesting twitter about liberal bias.


You see, it’s funny to me when conservatives like Milo, Roger Stone and others get banned off of twitter then the conservative community cries “liberal bias”. I call bullshit on “liberal bias”.

If you get banned off of social networking then chances are, you are a trouble maker and probably deserved it. I don’t care what Loomer did, she’s just a trouble maker and attention whore!

Investigative journalist? LMAO! This bitch does nothing but steals a lot of stuff from other journalists. She doesn’t give us investigative scoops as she claims ’cause everyone else is reporting the same thing she does.

Another thing I don’t like about her is that she is an attention whore at best. I think she’ll do anything for attention to get herself out there and promote her work. It all started when she interrupted that Shakespeare play. She’ll do all kinds of different things to get a reaction out of people and stir things up… things like the slashed tire incident, plastic surgery on her nose, interrupting speeches at political events, claiming to be banned by uber/lyft, etc. It’s one thing after another. She’ll do anything to get people to treat her like a hero and she’s doing a good job of it. Now it’s her protesting against twitter’s liberal bias. What else is she gonna do to come up with to get more attention?

I’m not jealous of her or anything but this woman is just annoying as fuck. My support for her was on and off, but I’m done supporting her for good. I also believe she is not a real Trump supporter as she claims ’cause I’ve seen she turned her back on Trump many times before especially over Trump bombing Syria. As long as she’s friends with other Trump backstabbers like Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux then you can very well believe that Laura is not to be trusted as well.

Conservatives are treating this young woman as a “hero” but I don’t think she’s “heroic” at all. There’s something about this woman that I don’t like and I don’t know what it is. The reason I think Ms. Loomer handcuffed herself to the twitter building is not to protest against their liberal bias, I think she did it ’cause she’s mad and can’t take responsibility for her own actions and she retaliated but in an extreme way. She can’t accept the fact that everything in her life can’t go her own way.

That’s another thing I don’t like about this woman… when she gets in trouble for doing things like interrupting a play, getting kicked out of a speech or getting banned somewhere she’ll play “innocent victim” every time. She’ll get people feeling sorry for her and they’ll support her because of it. She gets in trouble for one thing then she gets into trouble for another. It’s like how many more times is she going to get herself in trouble for something then she defends herself, her fans support her and then she does something again?

I’m probably gonna get hated on for trashing her but I don’t give a fuck. My blog, my opinions.


Is Trump the first sitting US president to use twitter for real? Yes, pretty much…

This is a pretty new thing for America. A sitting US president using social networking in the oval office for reals. During the Barack Obama presidency, social networking and twitter was around but they wouldn’t let Barack have his own twitter account toward the end of his presidency. I don’t think Barack’s twitter is even real and I don’t think he really uses it himself. Trump’s twitter; however, is a real twitter account and Trump uses it himself.

Before the George W. Bush presidency, there was no such thing as the internet and social networking. Myspace came around during the Bush years I think. Technology and social networking is a new thing for politics. Social networking is a great place to express ourselves, speak our minds and simply be ourselves. Trump is the same. He uses twitter to be himself.

A lot of people are mad at Trump for using twitter while being a sitting US president ’cause this is something new and people aren’t used to it. People aren’t used to a sitting US president using twitter himself and it’s as simple as that. Well get used to it and this is technology.

This is a new way for a sitting US president to be direct with the American people instead of using the media. Most presidents in the past used the media to be direct with the people but not anymore. If you want to hear from the president, you go to Trump’s twitter. I love Trump’s twitter and to be honest, Trump’s twitter is pretty much the only reason why I’m on twitter to begin with. After Trump, I think we’ll get this for a long time, US presidents being direct to the people on twitter instead of the media.

Don’t believe the hype when the media claims that Trump using twitter is hurting America. We all love Trump’s twitter and that’s a huge part of why we all got on the Trump Train to begin with. It’s just his way to be honest since the media won’t be honest about him. If the media won’t tell the truth then who would? The media called Trump every name in the book: racist, clown, fraud, narcissist, mentally ill, treasonous, incestuous, rapist, islamophobe, homophobe, etc. And many of you out there including some conservatives say he shouldn’t be bashing the media on twitter? Really? Trump bashing the media on twitter, they had it coming so they all deserved it. Trump using twitter is just his way of bypassing the media.

If Hillary was elected and she was using twitter, I’m sure the media would have no problem with it at all.

I love Trump’s twitter and believe he shouldn’t stop tweeting at all. He drives the media and liberals insane which is why we all love it.

Simply put, if they don’t want Trump attacking news journalists on twitter then they need to stop attacking him and bring back “honest journalism”. If they do that, maybe he’ll stop. Of course, they don’t get it yet. I’m sick of liberals lying and acting like he started it all.

This is technology. He has every right to use social networking like we all do. Get over it.


Censorship and liberal bias on twitter a huge problem???

I’ve been noticing a lot of Trump supporters and conservatives on twitter getting censored like crazy. Your twitter account would either get on lockdown or get suspended permanently. This have been going on since Milo has gotten permanently banned off twitter.

Here’s what a lockdown twitter account would look like. When your account is on lockdown, only your twitter followers can see your twitter. People outside won’t be able to see it for 24 hours.

This is what a permanent suspension would look like. Saltwater Patricia has been a popular Trump supporter on twitter and her account got suspended for no reason at all:

People may say that Trump supporters and conservatives get censored off twitter ’cause they break the TOS but they never do. We know the TOS and rules of twitter. We know how to follow them. We never really post anything offensive or abusive… it’s just that I think it’s obvious that twitter is scared of conservative opinion. Period?

Liberals post offensive & abusive shit all the time. Everyday but you try to report them, nothing ever happens to their account. Liberals don’t go to twitter jail but Trump supporters and conservatives do.

Thankfully, my twitter account hasn’t gotten censored yet but if it ever happened to me, I’ll probably be done with twitter for good and I’m serious about that. These things have been happening to a lot of Trump supporters on twitter.

Liberals leave conservatives death threats, gives us threats of violence and they say all sorts of offensive stuff to us all the time but they don’t go to twitter jail? Yet they censor conservatives for speaking out on politics?

Also, twitter continues to allow Muslims post photos of dead bodies and shit, nothing happens to them either.

Liberals want to view the world how they see it but they need to learn not everyone does so they need to get over themselves.


Facebook & Twitter are both at war against conservatives and it’s pissing me off…

You want examples of tolerant liberals? Well you got it. I’m noticing that FB has been suspending conservatives who are pro Trump and anti-Hillary. Now I’m noticing Twitter doing the same thing. No surprise since both are being run and owned by rich libtards. Facebook CEO is Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO is Jack Dorsey.

I have noticed that more and more popular conservative accounts on Twitter has been getting suspended lately. It’s happening to a lot of conservatives on there. Usually ’cause of their negative views toward Muslims and their support for Trump, I would think.


I think it’s because that liberals know they are losing. They are losing power. So now they are acting like tough guys thinking they can retaliate at conservatives just because liberals lost the election.

Well libtards, the reason you lost the election to begin with is because of the way you treat people. Your intolerance toward others is driving people up the wall and liberal intolerance is getting much worse. You know that old saying when they say things like, “Liberals love freedom of speech until you say something they don’t agree with?” That’s the intolerance I’m talking about. We can’t have our own views and can’t tell the truth about the LGBT community, women, blacks, Muslims, illegal aliens or else we’ll get called all kinds of names like “bigots, racist, homophobic, sexist”. Blah blah blah, you get the deal. This is getting old and tiresome.

Us “alt-right” people are getting fed up with the bullshit and we’re fighting back. We’re winning too. It’s about freaking time. They deserved to lose the election this time. Our payback. Our revenge. Our FUCK YOU to leftards!




So now twitter finally gets on the move to kick ISIS off of twitter…

Well, it’s about freakin’ time, I would say. Over the past year or so I have been checking out some of those Isis twitter accounts and a lot of them are very disturbing. Scary stuff too. When you check out those Muslim Isis accounts you see a lot of photos of dead bodies, threats to America and blah blah blah. When I look at that stuff, I say to myself… “twitter allows this stuff to be posted on here”??? I could have sworn I tried to report some of those pages myself but of course nothing gets done about it. Something sounds a bit fishy though and I don’t really trust twitter either.



Obama does a Q&A session on twitter about the fake “Climate Change”, of course, all the haters come in…

Obama did a funny Q&A session on twitter earlier today about the fake “Climate Change”. Sure enough, a lot of haters asked him why he sucks as president and many bashed him, of course.


While Barack ignored many of the haters tweets, he did respond to one of them… somebody asked Barack why he won’t release the full text of the TPP deal and surprisingly enough, Barack actually responded:

I’m pretty sure he’s lying to that twitter user about nothing being secretive about the TPP text and I’m sure he’s lying about Congress having a debate about it.

I’m sure all of his other responses are all “lies” too. How do you like that? Obama starts Q&A’s to lie to the American people.

I love Alex Jones’s tweet, asking Barack if he visits Frank Marshall Davis’s grave. LOL! Alex has balls for that, I’ll commend him.

I’m sure Barack expected he was gonna get a bunch of tweets bashing him. This is gonna happen each time he does an online Q&A.



Is the White House moderating Obama’s Twitter page???

Even though that Obama now has his own Twitter where he gets to post on it himself, it seems that the White House staff will be babysitting him on it.

It appears that Barack’s Twitter page is under the White House supervision and the proof is right here. Notice how Barack hands over the IPhone to a guy which appears to be a staff member.

I can understand why the White House would be worried of Barack having his own Twitter so they would have watch everything he posts on it.

Knowing that Obama is a crackhead and mentally ill, just think of all the crazy and offensive things he would post on it while he’s really high. What if Obama accidentally told the truth of any of his scandals??? That’s why he would be under strict supervision on Twitter ’cause even the White House staff don’t trust him having a Twitter. Obama will only be allowed to post things like selfies and jokes.

Obama is real dumb and not smart so it’s probably a good idea to keep an eye on him on Twitter.

He should be in prison after the latest Benghazi news, though.


Does facebook/twitter destroy relationships???

Another interesting “study says” that is worth posting here. A doctoral student named, Russell Clayton, made a discovery that the use of facebook/twitter can lead to cheating, breakups or divorce.


Over the years of social networking, I have noticed this actually. I have seen couples in facebook break-up/divorce through heated conflicts online. It happens all the time. That’s the way it goes in this day and age of technology, ya know?

There is so much gossip and soap opera stuff in facebook with couples all the time. I get forced to read this stuff every day by people in facebook with their problems in relationships. You pretty much know everything going on in couples lives ’cause they’re posting it all on facebook/twitter. Sad but it is what it is.

I don’t get into stuff like that. All that stuff was meant to be for their personal business but they’re making it public by posting it all publicly in facebook.

Which is pretty scary, ya know? If I start getting into relationships with women myself, I have a feeling a lot of them aren’t gonna last long ’cause of my popularity as a blogger and internet person. If I ever start getting into relationships with women, that’s why I gotta try to keep ’em private as I possibly can but it’s gonna be hard to do ’cause people are gonna know everything. They figure things out quickly anyway.

I’m not gonna lie that women can be pretty egotistical and dramatic a lot. A lot of men have been destroyed online because of them. That is a small part of why me hoping to get into a relationship with a woman is pretty scary. That’s why I gotta be careful and be VERY picky with women. Just because women are pretty and gorgeous looking doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be a good person. That’s why I gotta take her personality very seriously. I would want a good looking woman, don’t get me wrong but I’m not gonna date her if she’s gonna be all difficult and tough. Looks doesn’t really matter to me. I just want a good woman who’ll accept me for me and like me for me. A woman like that could be hard to find in this day and age of technology.


You should check out Rand Paul’s twitter… good stuff…

Just Senator Paul’s way of wishing our government a Merry Christmas. Hope Barack and Michelle and their two daughters will enjoy their day tomorrow. Hopefully, Barack won’t be around to celebrate next year’s Christmas.


Edit to add: Btw, nobody is wishing death on Obama… I was referring to impeachment or arrest, of course.