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Onlyfans banning pornographic content but still allowing nudes… um, what???

The site onlyfans has been catching a lot of buzz for a long while. What is it? It’s a content subscription service made by London, UK… where you have to pay to see people’s stuff.

The site became extremely popular and blew up for so-called, “sex-workers” ’cause the site allowed nudity and hardcore pornographic content. Yes, X-rated sex videos and pics used to be allowed but not anymore. The over explicit content on onlyfans are now banned on the site but nudity is still allowed.


In my opinion, “onlyfans” is an evil website and should have never been created. So people think that posting X-Rated and pornographic stuff onlyfans and paying for it to see it as “sex work”??? No not at all.

In my opinion and sticking with it, I think “onlyfans” is prostitution, really. Why would you want to do that? Force people to pay to see you naked and have sex with someone?

Even if you still use the site to not post sexual content and use it for “clean” stuff, it’s still evil.

Those that join the site to do “sex work” or not, are just desperate for money and that’s it. They don’t care about you. It’s just amazing that people would pay a lot of money to see only fans garbage.

Selling your bodies like that is just wrong anyways. There are other ways to make a few extra bucks you don’t need to do “onlyfans”. Have some respect for yourself.


Censorship and liberal bias on twitter a huge problem???

I’ve been noticing a lot of Trump supporters and conservatives on twitter getting censored like crazy. Your twitter account would either get on lockdown or get suspended permanently. This have been going on since Milo has gotten permanently banned off twitter.

Here’s what a lockdown twitter account would look like. When your account is on lockdown, only your twitter followers can see your twitter. People outside won’t be able to see it for 24 hours.

This is what a permanent suspension would look like. Saltwater Patricia has been a popular Trump supporter on twitter and her account got suspended for no reason at all:

People may say that Trump supporters and conservatives get censored off twitter ’cause they break the TOS but they never do. We know the TOS and rules of twitter. We know how to follow them. We never really post anything offensive or abusive… it’s just that I think it’s obvious that twitter is scared of conservative opinion. Period?

Liberals post offensive & abusive shit all the time. Everyday but you try to report them, nothing ever happens to their account. Liberals don’t go to twitter jail but Trump supporters and conservatives do.

Thankfully, my twitter account hasn’t gotten censored yet but if it ever happened to me, I’ll probably be done with twitter for good and I’m serious about that. These things have been happening to a lot of Trump supporters on twitter.

Liberals leave conservatives death threats, gives us threats of violence and they say all sorts of offensive stuff to us all the time but they don’t go to twitter jail? Yet they censor conservatives for speaking out on politics?

Also, twitter continues to allow Muslims post photos of dead bodies and shit, nothing happens to them either.

Liberals want to view the world how they see it but they need to learn not everyone does so they need to get over themselves.


Liberals in facebook are obsessed with re-sharing memes, sad that most of them believe them…

I try not to be obsessed with political memes. I try not to re-share them too much ’cause I know most political memes are all bullshit… even the right-wing political memes are bullshit too but the liberal memes are the worst, in my opinion. FB liberal groups are awful. We have liberals in FB re-sharing a lot of garbage from well-known liberal FB groups like “Being Liberal” and “Occupy Democrats”. Here comes another dumb liberal facebook group that’s been getting a lot of attention by the left lately, “The Other 98%” is what I think they call  it.

I see liberals everyday re-share stupid liberal memes from various groups everyday. It’s annoying as fuck but I gotta deal with it, I guess. Most liberal memes are so one-sided. That’s all they are pretty much. Why are there so many liberal facebook groups? Well all those liberal groups would do anything they can to make the “liberal” party look good. That’s why they always re-share these memes that makes liberalism look good and make conservatives look bad. They’re always resharing quotes from liberal political figures that will make liberals drool over it. They also drool all over the liberal political memes that attack conservative political figures such as Donald Trump.

All these liberal facebook groups do is just to help promote “liberalism” and ram it down our throats even more. That’s also how a lot of people become “liberals” in social networking because most of them are totally brainwashed by these groups. If you want to know why a lot of liberals are so uneducated and dumb, it’s these liberal memes getting re-shared in facebook all the time that’s making them dumb.

If you think the MSM is bad with “fake news”, these liberal groups in social networking are much worse,  in my opinion. I just read these liberal facebook groups just for entertainment alone and it’s amazing how one-sided they all are. Wow.

It’s amazing that these groups try their best to make liberal political figures such as Barack, Michelle, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders look like “heroes” and good people when they are not. Most of us aren’t falling for their garbage ’cause we’re not that “gullible”. Liberals are trying to make themselves look good with these social network groups but it isn’t working. They lost the election this time ’cause of their “one-sided” opinions and dishonesty.

I don’t follow political FB groups too much well except for Breitbart News and that’s about all. I also try not to re-share political memes as I said above… the only time I re-share a political meme is if I agree with it or if it’s accurate. If a meme is accurate and actually “true”, it’ll probably be worth re-sharing but I try not to get into all them “memes” too much ’cause I have better things to do.



How to get people going in political discussions: it’s simple really… just tell the truth and be honest as much as possible…

One of the things I’m good at online is getting people going in political discussions. Whether people agree with me or disagree with me, I know how to get a huge argument or a debate going with a bunch of people. How do you do that? Well, it’s really quite simple really… just tell the truth. That’s pretty much it. Just be honest as much as possible. People will either love you for it or hate you for it, take your pick.

For the people who will love you for it, they’ll admire you for having the balls to speak the truth and they’ll admire you for getting yourself well-informed. I know this ’cause in facebook pages and groups in mostly conservative forums, I usually get hundreds to thousands of “likes” on my comment and people giving me kudos, I can go back and post screenshots if you don’t believe me. I get a lot of positive feedback on my comments in facebook in the conservative forums.

For the people who will hate you for it, they would usually rail at you for being “realistic” and they hate it. I look at this as if they’re hating you then you are probably saying the right things. Chances are it’s mostly dumb liberals doing most of the hating. If people are getting offended and doing all the “hating”, chances are they are probably a liberal. Other conservatives have no problem with the things I say at all ’cause they understand the truth better than anybody.

Nobody looks at the truth anymore. It seems that in this day and age… “left wing” opinion is “correct” and “right wing” opinion is bullshit… that’s how the liberal world goes, ya know? It’s called political correctness and it needs to stop. Needs to stop now.

I get people going in politics ’cause I write about stuff that people wanna hear… the truth and that’s what I’m all about and have always been about the truth from day 1. I don’t look at the mainstream media for the truth. I like to get myself informed which a lot of people don’t do these days especially dumb liberals.

Other than that, I know how to get a good debate going on the internet. In my eyes, I don’t think I ever said anything offensive or controversial ’cause all I’m doing is joining in discussions and expressing opinions like most. If people are getting offended, it’s mostly liberals and their one-sided opinions. Liberals get offended at everything these days ’cause the mainstream media tells them to. Again, political correctness, that’s all it is really.

You should be able to express honesty and opinions however you damn well please but the way this country is going lately, it’s getting a lot harder to express opinions due to political correctness.

I enjoy getting liberals going ’cause it’s fun and I have no regrets.

Don’t be afraid to be honest and express yourself however you want to. If you want a large response toward your political topics, just be realistic as possible ’cause trust me, people will either love you or hate you for it. I’m good either way ’cause I don’t do this to make friends. I’m about reality and always will be.


Conservatives should get off of facebook and avoid it completely…

1 full day staying off of facebook yesterday. It’s gonna stay that way today and for the rest of my life probably. Why did I get off of facebook? I think you would probably figure out right away that it was probably the big gay marriage celebration and I’m sure it’s still going by libtards in facebook now. Ever since the ruling announcement by the corrupt, Supreme Court, the rainbow has taken over the internet. The rainbow is everywhere you look now.

The rainbow was all over my newsfeed all over facebook yesterday. It did drove me crazy so right away, I deactivated my account without telling anyone I was leaving. That’s okay, though. I’m sure people won’t miss me and won’t care ’cause I’m not that important. At first, I thought about deleting and blocking everybody that put the rainbow as their profile pic but then I thought to myself, “Why don’t I just leave facebook completely”? That’s what I just did. Just my way of telling gay marriage supporters, “Fuck you, I’m outta here”.

The rainbow is even all over celebrity pages, musicians & bands pages and all that stuff. A lot of people in the entertainment industry kept politics out of their careers but when the “gay marriage” ruling came, it turns out that liberalism is everywhere. Even from your favorite bands & movie stars are liberals as well. When celebrities & bands would change their profile pic to a rainbow, it would anger their conservative fans. Many conservatives have threatened to “unlike” their page. I know it sucks but just get off of facebook completely like I just did. It’ll save you a headache.

Liberals and “gay marriage” supporters think they are winning but they aren’t really. So liberals wanna start a fucking war with “conservatives”? Well, they’re gonna fucking get one and us on the “right” are gonna fight back real hard now. Liberals think that “gay marriage” being the law the of the land now is gonna end well for them but it’s not gonna end well for them. It’s gonna get back to them somehow. Well, they’re so obsessed with wanting “gay marriage”… well how are gay couples gonna divorce when they find that they don’t really love each other after all? A gay divorce is gonna be kind of tricky. So if “same sex” marriage is what they want, they better make sure that they love each other for life ’cause “divorce” is never gonna happen. Someday, liberals are gonna realize that “gay marriage” is impossible after all this time ’cause of the “divorce” part. Think about it, right?

Back to facebook, I deleted it ’cause it was also too liberal for me for the most part. Most everyone in my friendslist were all liberal people. I did have some conservatives in my friendslist but not too many. I feel proud what I did, seriously. After several years being on facebook, I decided it was best for me to get the hell out of there. There are other reasons why I left… too much drama & negativity. I also felt I had better things to do in my life and wanted to spend more time away from social networking like work on my guitar playing and music. Leaving facebook was probably the best thing I’ve done and I really mean it that I’ll probably stay away from there, permanently.

In facebook, I tried my best to tell everybody about Barack Obama and the US government but nobody wants to listen to me. The left is pretty one-sided, it’s crazy. As usual, all the left wants to do is defend Barack Obama and dispute everything I say of what’s going on in the country.

I have noticed that more and more people decided to leave facebook and I can see why. It’s crazy as hell in there. Twitter is better so I’ll stay there. I’ve always liked twitter more than facebook, anyways.


Why Q&A sessions with famous people online is getting so big these days…

More and more often, you are starting to see celebrities do online “Q&A” sessions with their fanbase on the internet. Mostly through social networking like facebook, twitter, etc. Celebrities have just started doing Q&A sessions over at Reddit with their AMA (Ask me Anything) so that’s a new thing pretty much.

Some of you may ask why is this a big deal??? Is it a ploy for more attention and to boost their egos even more? Maybe a little bit but it’s more than that. A lot of celebrities do this stuff as an opportunity to promote their latest projects mostly. It helps promotes their latest film, TV show or music album or whatever. It helps hype their projects up and get a buzz going.

Plus, another reason is celebrities are humans like us and this is just their way of showing it. They like talking to people like us and they do this online Q&A stuff to show they have personality. These celebrities also love their fans and willing to take some time to interact with them online. Celebrities like movie stars, music stars, sports stars, etc. are always so busy with their life and careers so they don’t have the time to chat online with fans so they schedule a certain date for an online session.

I think it’s cool that famous people do these things ’cause I’ll admit, I have an addiction reading this stuff. Reading the celebs responses are really interesting.

I participated in Q&A sessions before and yes I’ve gotten responses by celebs before. I’ve gotten responses by Sly Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Bret The Hitman Hart, the Ultimate Warrior and maybe a few others.

It’s really hard to get an answer from a famous person online during a Q&A session. In order to get a response, you have to come up with something unique and make it interesting as possible. Don’t ask questions that celebs get asked repeatedly ’cause you won’t get a response. Celebs get thousands of questions from their fans so they only respond to the best questions. So in order to get a response from a famous person, write something that’ll grab their attention. Flattering them is pretty much key.

Celebs are human like the rest of us and they want to find some free time to chat with us.

I like reading Q&A sessions from movie stars mostly ’cause I love the Behind the Scenes goodies that they give us. Reading the movie stuff is a lot of fun. It’s amazing how honest and real these people can be, too.


5 Reasons Why Twitter is the best social networking site…

When I first started twitter, I didn’t get it at first, but as time goes along, you’ll start to like it more. It does take a long while to get used to it. A lot of people would join twitter, then they quit using it right away ’cause they find it boring to them. I’ve gotten to liking twitter more and more.

Here are 5 reasons why it can be cool:

  1. You can interact with people on a personal level: I’m finding that people in twitter can actually be pretty cool. There are friendly people in there. You don’t just have to go on there to promote your careers or whatever, you can go on there and interact with people. It’s a little different than facebook. You can use twitter to speak your mind in just a small sentence or two. Even though speaking your mind will be short and brief, it can go straight to the point and people will get it. If you want to make twitter fun and not boring, that’s your job. You have to make it interesting. If you make your twitter interesting, random people will like what they see and more will follow you. 
  2. The celebrities and famous people keep it addicting:  I also like twitter because of the famous people and celebrities that use it. A lot of you would accuse them of not being real, but there are real celebrities using twitter. They prove it by verifying their accounts, linking their twitter pages to their official sites, and they also prove it by posting photos and videos. Some celebrities are on there to promote their careers only, but some interact with their fans on a personal level. You can get responses & follow backs by celebrities if somehow you can grab their attention. It’s hard to grab a celeb’s attention since they get so many followers, but if you’re lucky enough, you could get a response.
  3. It’s easier to fight spam bots and fake accounts – Facebook makes it hard to fight spam but twitter makes it easier. You don’t have to worry about that stuff there. I can tell what’s fake and what’s real.
  4. You can use it to get trending news faster – They’re a great source for breaking news. When something big happens in the news, the trending topics in twitter will help that.
  5. You can use it to get exclusive news from the entertainment industry – Twitter can be useful for good info that goes on in the entertainment world. Celebrities are always giving exclusive news when they have something to announce, a lot of them announce their stuff in twitter first. Then the press will pick it up later. Why do celebs use twitter first to announce news? Because the answer is simple, it’s much faster to get out to the press than facebook. That’s what twitter is used for. It’s for people with big careers in the professional industry, but the site can be used for non-famous people like me, though.

My only gripe with twitter is that I can’t stand the Justin Bieber obsession. Other than that, twitter is a cool site to use.


Report: Myspace, not a good site anymore? I would say so…

Around the year 2006, myspace was once a hot social networking site. Myspace took over the world for a couple of years. I’ll admit, myspace used to be cool. Why is the myspace popularity dropping? First off, the site has virus’s and possibly spyware. That never used to happen to myspace before. I bet that’s why more people deleted their myspace accounts because of the huge virus’s the site has now. Plus, it’s too much spam and it’s more of an advertising site than social networking. Bands and celebrities took over the site to promote their careers, that’s another reason. Facebook became the next hot social networking site. Facebook took over myspace big time, obviously.

Secondly, another reason people are losing respect to Myspace is because their new design is shit and pages take too long and too damn slow to load. Myspace isn’t what it used to be. I don’t even go there myself that much. It’s pretty sad to what myspace has become. Now they are trying to compete with facebook which they fail miserably. Myspace will never be the hot social networking site anymore.

Read this article, here.


Report: Miley Cyrus slams social networking sites…

Miley Cyrus, the Disney star, spoke out about social networking sites such as myspace/facebook/twitter/etc.  which those three sites seem to be taking over the world these days. She revealed that she is trying to stay away from the internet and become more social out in the real world. She says the internet can be pretty dangerous if you tell the whole world about your personal life and telling the world what you’re doing.

Read what she has to say about the internet here:


While some out there may hate what she says, I’m gonna have to side with her on this one and say she brings up some very valid points. Social networking sites can be very dangerous and people don’t even realize how evil it can be. Knowing from my own experiences.

In facebook, I see people in there talking about everything that goes on in their personal lives, even their marriages, children, family, etc. They rant about how much life sucks and all that. It’s not cool. There are women posting pictures of newborn babies in there which is also not cool. In my opinion, I think children and teen shouldn’t be allowed on the internet at all. If you wonder why young children and young women are disappearing possibly being kidnapped or murdered by pedophiles and predators, the internet can be part of why all of this is happening.

More reasons why the internet can be dangerous, if you’re open about your personal life, it could cost you your job, destroy your marriage, pretty much everything you have. If you cyberbully other people online, and if they meet you in person, you could get into a heated confrontation, possibly a huge fight or something worse.

I used to talk about stuff that goes on in my life in the past, but now I just use the internet for entertainment news only if you noticed. I don’t even talk about myself in my facebook page that much. I use it to do my usual thing talk about movies, music, wrestling, video games, etc. The internet maybe a cool tool to come on here and be open about yourself, but the reality is, it’s not a cool thing. These days I vow to keep my personal life out of everything and it works beautifully. I’m doing my best to spend less time off the internet too if you noticed. Now that I found fitness as a passion, playing more guitar and video games.

Honestly though, there are too many whacked and crazy people all over the place in social networking sites that I try to stay out of things. Too much negativity and drama, not my thing anymore. Great on Miley for saying something real for once. She gets my kudos this time!