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Why Q&A sessions with famous people online is getting so big these days…

More and more often, you are starting to see celebrities do online “Q&A” sessions with their fanbase on the internet. Mostly through social networking like facebook, twitter, etc. Celebrities have just started doing Q&A sessions over at Reddit with their AMA (Ask me Anything) so that’s a new thing pretty much.

Some of you may ask why is this a big deal??? Is it a ploy for more attention and to boost their egos even more? Maybe a little bit but it’s more than that. A lot of celebrities do this stuff as an opportunity to promote their latest projects mostly. It helps promotes their latest film, TV show or music album or whatever. It helps hype their projects up and get a buzz going.

Plus, another reason is celebrities are humans like us and this is just their way of showing it. They like talking to people like us and they do this online Q&A stuff to show they have personality. These celebrities also love their fans and willing to take some time to interact with them online. Celebrities like movie stars, music stars, sports stars, etc. are always so busy with their life and careers so they don’t have the time to chat online with fans so they schedule a certain date for an online session.

I think it’s cool that famous people do these things ’cause I’ll admit, I have an addiction reading this stuff. Reading the celebs responses are really interesting.

I participated in Q&A sessions before and yes I’ve gotten responses by celebs before. I’ve gotten responses by Sly Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Bret The Hitman Hart, the Ultimate Warrior and maybe a few others.

It’s really hard to get an answer from a famous person online during a Q&A session. In order to get a response, you have to come up with something unique and make it interesting as possible. Don’t ask questions that celebs get asked repeatedly ’cause you won’t get a response. Celebs get thousands of questions from their fans so they only respond to the best questions. So in order to get a response from a famous person, write something that’ll grab their attention. Flattering them is pretty much key.

Celebs are human like the rest of us and they want to find some free time to chat with us.

I like reading Q&A sessions from movie stars mostly ’cause I love the Behind the Scenes goodies that they give us. Reading the movie stuff is a lot of fun. It’s amazing how honest and real these people can be, too.