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Censorship and liberal bias on twitter a huge problem???

I’ve been noticing a lot of Trump supporters and conservatives on twitter getting censored like crazy. Your twitter account would either get on lockdown or get suspended permanently. This have been going on since Milo has gotten permanently banned off twitter.

Here’s what a lockdown twitter account would look like. When your account is on lockdown, only your twitter followers can see your twitter. People outside won’t be able to see it for 24 hours.

This is what a permanent suspension would look like. Saltwater Patricia has been a popular Trump supporter on twitter and her account got suspended for no reason at all:

People may say that Trump supporters and conservatives get censored off twitter ’cause they break the TOS but they never do. We know the TOS and rules of twitter. We know how to follow them. We never really post anything offensive or abusive… it’s just that I think it’s obvious that twitter is scared of conservative opinion. Period?

Liberals post offensive & abusive shit all the time. Everyday but you try to report them, nothing ever happens to their account. Liberals don’t go to twitter jail but Trump supporters and conservatives do.

Thankfully, my twitter account hasn’t gotten censored yet but if it ever happened to me, I’ll probably be done with twitter for good and I’m serious about that. These things have been happening to a lot of Trump supporters on twitter.

Liberals leave conservatives death threats, gives us threats of violence and they say all sorts of offensive stuff to us all the time but they don’t go to twitter jail? Yet they censor conservatives for speaking out on politics?

Also, twitter continues to allow Muslims post photos of dead bodies and shit, nothing happens to them either.

Liberals want to view the world how they see it but they need to learn not everyone does so they need to get over themselves.


Walmart refuses to sell Ronda Rousey’s book ’cause they claim she’s too “violent”… really???

How is Ronda violent? Did people even watch her fights on UFC? So far in her UFC career she had 4 fights. All of them are pretty quick. She throws a few punches and gives the arm bar then it’s over. They consider that violent? Wow. I’ve seen all of her fights… not on ppv but on youtube.

I’m sure Walmart stocks books and movies on DVD/BluRay that are 10 x’s more violent than her.

This is indeed censorship. It’s not only censorship but also pretty sexist since Ronda is a woman and I believe that is probably part of the reason why Walmart is attacking her. Walmart is discriminating her.

UFC and MMA really isn’t really violent and dangerous as people think. If you think so then you must get offended too easily. I know UFC and MMA isn’t all that dangerous ’cause I used to watch it a lot myself. Cage fighting is pretty similar to boxing. No different.

This is just another reason why I hardly shop at Walmart ’cause I hate Walmart like most people. I hope Ronda sues Walmart. I love Ronda Rousey!