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New wordpress editor interface is garbage… hope they get rid of it soon!!!

I hate the new wordpress editor interface they just changed today. I figured out how to still be able to use the old one by going directly to the dashboard, go to “posts” and click on “Add new” instead of going to the drop down menu.

The new editor sucks ’cause they have this message that comes up that says,”beep beep boop” which is real lame and fucking stupid. Who came up with that stupid idea??? I googled on this and most wordpress users aren’t happy with it either. The new editor sucks ’cause it takes a long time to load the posts and sometimes the posts disappear or doesn’t post fully. The new editor is all glitchy as hell and having all kinds of technical issues.

Yeah, I know it’s a new editor so they got a lot of repairing and troubleshooting to do.

I hope wordpress fixes the new editor ’cause if they don’t… people will leave wordpress and go somewhere else.

I’ll just keep using the previous editor. This sucks. I was liking wordpress too. I don’t wanna keep using the new editor ’cause I don’t wanna see that lame “beep beep boop” message. I know they did it as a joke but it’s just dumb.

I know a few of you guys have a wordpress blog. Try making a new post with the new editor and you’ll see what I mean. Like I said, to use the old editor just go directly to the dashboard, click on “posts” and “add” new in the dashboard instead of the “add new” in the upper right hand corner.

If they keep getting worse with upcoming changes… I’ll probably go somewhere else like blogger (or better known as, blogspot).

WordPress is getting a lot of complaints of the new editor design. Hopefully they do the right thing and get rid of it. Let us keep the old one.