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How to get people going in political discussions: it’s simple really… just tell the truth and be honest as much as possible…

One of the things I’m good at online is getting people going in political discussions. Whether people agree with me or disagree with me, I know how to get a huge argument or a debate going with a bunch of people. How do you do that? Well, it’s really quite simple really… just tell the truth. That’s pretty much it. Just be honest as much as possible. People will either love you for it or hate you for it, take your pick.

For the people who will love you for it, they’ll admire you for having the balls to speak the truth and they’ll admire you for getting yourself well-informed. I know this ’cause in facebook pages and groups in mostly conservative forums, I usually get hundreds to thousands of “likes” on my comment and people giving me kudos, I can go back and post screenshots if you don’t believe me. I get a lot of positive feedback on my comments in facebook in the conservative forums.

For the people who will hate you for it, they would usually rail at you for being “realistic” and they hate it. I look at this as if they’re hating you then you are probably saying the right things. Chances are it’s mostly dumb liberals doing most of the hating. If people are getting offended and doing all the “hating”, chances are they are probably a liberal. Other conservatives have no problem with the things I say at all ’cause they understand the truth better than anybody.

Nobody looks at the truth anymore. It seems that in this day and age… “left wing” opinion is “correct” and “right wing” opinion is bullshit… that’s how the liberal world goes, ya know? It’s called political correctness and it needs to stop. Needs to stop now.

I get people going in politics ’cause I write about stuff that people wanna hear… the truth and that’s what I’m all about and have always been about the truth from day 1. I don’t look at the mainstream media for the truth. I like to get myself informed which a lot of people don’t do these days especially dumb liberals.

Other than that, I know how to get a good debate going on the internet. In my eyes, I don’t think I ever said anything offensive or controversial ’cause all I’m doing is joining in discussions and expressing opinions like most. If people are getting offended, it’s mostly liberals and their one-sided opinions. Liberals get offended at everything these days ’cause the mainstream media tells them to. Again, political correctness, that’s all it is really.

You should be able to express honesty and opinions however you damn well please but the way this country is going lately, it’s getting a lot harder to express opinions due to political correctness.

I enjoy getting liberals going ’cause it’s fun and I have no regrets.

Don’t be afraid to be honest and express yourself however you want to. If you want a large response toward your political topics, just be realistic as possible ’cause trust me, people will either love you or hate you for it. I’m good either way ’cause I don’t do this to make friends. I’m about reality and always will be.


“Net Neutrality” passes today which was no surprise… we may soon say goodbye to the internet…

I told ya… I saw it coming that I had a gut feeling that the FCC is gonna approve “Net Neutrality” today and I was right. No surprise. What Obama wants is what he gets and I’m sure he’s smiling today while Obama is threatening to ban bullets by executive order.

This could mean that I may soon not be allowed to use the internet anymore ’cause I might be forced to fill out some government papers in order to get on. Once they find out that I have conservative views and that I’m anti-Obama, they won’t let me on the internet. Things like that could happen.

We just approved something we know nothing about. Do you really want the government and Obama himself controlling our internet? Broadband companies like Time Warner, Comcast, etc. could be losing their jobs ’cause broadband internet won’t be hosted by cable TV anymore. We may soon have to turn in our broadband modems and we might be getting “government” modems instead.

If you support “Net Neutrality” only because it was Obama’s idea then you don’t know what you’re supporting since you don’t know what “Net Neutrality” is. Nobody knows what it is since they won’t let us see that document. This is not just a “free” and “open” internet as they claim, there could be worse regulations than that. You just never know what their regulations are since they won’t show us.

They’ll be watching our every move. Every site we visit and keeping an eye on everything. They could remove all anti-Obama material online and they could stop top-secret government information from getting on the internet if they wanted.

Hey libtards, you can’t support everything that Obummer does and it’s amazing to me that “regulating the internet” is not good enough to get ’em mad at Obama yet. I don’t see any outrage from the left at all today. They’re just delusional and misinformed people who’ll support everything he does. You libtards should be scared of “net neutrality”, this goes for your internet freedoms too, not just “right-wingers”.

Today is a sad day for America.


Are trolls narcissistic, psychopathic, and sadistic??? I’d say yes they are!!!

I usually hate, “study says…” kind of stuff but this one is pretty good and actually, “factual”.

Trolls have always been a huge problem on the internet for years. Psychologists have found that people spend more time trolling on the internet than anything else. Trolling on blogs, forums, youtube, social networking, etc.

I agree that trolling has been a big problem. Always have been. I’ve had trolls attack me everywhere for years and I still get trolls. A lot of popular blogs out there usually have trolls attacking the blogger… like my own blog for example.

I have noticed that most of the trolling is usually done “anonymously”. Why? If they troll under their real names, it’ll show up on google and they could get in a lot of trouble from their family members, friends, etc. They do it to save their reputation. Usually when you see people online harassing bloggers, having nothing positive to say ever… chances are they are probably like that in person in the real world. That’s how they really are. If they are an asshole online… they are probably an asshole when you meet them in person.

This is why I’m very “strict” on moderating. I’m strict on moderating on my site, youtube, both facebooks, twitter, etc. I want nothing to do with trolls, haters or cyber bullies… whatever you wanna call ’em. Some mistakenly believe that trolling is mostly done by young people like in the teenage years to their 20’s. Not true. Trolling can be done by adults in their 30’s – 60’s even. The demographics of trolls varies.

I don’t need my internet world full of trolls so I eliminate all of them the best I can. The only way to defeat trolls is ignoring all of them. Don’t reply to any of them at all whatsoever and don’t care what any of them says about you. It’s not you, it’s them. When you put yourself out there on the internet whether it’s a blog or whatever, be ready for a lot of hateful trolls coming in. It doesn’t matter how sweet and nice of a person you are… you’re gonna get trolls.

Why do they do it? For a lot of reasons… ego, attention, blah blah blah, you get the deal. The internet would be a better place without trolls but there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s why moderating features are available for you so you can take care of ’em. Usually people who are trolls don’t have much of a life. They don’t have much going on. They’re either depressed or have bad things going on in their personal life.

They do it ’cause simply put they enjoy pissing you off. That’s the only reason they do it. They get a laugh out of it. They’re like kids in school, ya know? That’s how bullies act in school beating up kids who are weak. Same thing online. The internet is the trolls playground.

There is a way to be “TOUGH” over trolls and internet bullies… like I said above, ignoring them completely is the only way. It really works. If you don’t reply to any of them and act like they are dead… they WILL get bored and they will stop. The trolling gets worse even if you send one reply to them ’cause that’s what they want you to do. They’re hoping for a back and forth fight with you online.

If readers send me hateful, negative comments on here, I just ignore ’em and delete ’em. I don’t care what they say and don’t care if they don’t like it either. You can’t please everybody.

To other fellow wordpress bloggers, I thought I would post this article, here… hoping you might wanna post it on your own blog.


Thought: More thoughts on famous bands giving out free music to the internet…

I just wanted to bring up a few more things on this “Famous bands offering free music to the internet” deal.

First off, I’d just like to say that many of you would think, “Famous bands are able to give out free music because they already are famous”. WRONG! I’ll have to disagree with that one. Let me tell you why. When a band like Radiohead or Nine Inch Nails drop off a major label. It’s a fact that they are no longer famous. This happens to any band signed to a major label, if you’re famous, if you drop off a major label, you’re no longer famous, it’s just as simple as that folks. When you drop off a major label, you don’t have the good opportunities anymore. 1) You won’t be performing the huge arenas and baseball stadiums anymore, you’ll be playing the small clubs and small venues again 2) You won’t be getting much media coverage in the national media news anymore 3) You’ll have to do your own marketing of your own music rather than the label doing it for you, and this list could go on.

Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails continue to get articles  in the national news because they were the two biggest bands of the world. They are no longer famous, they are just in the news ’cause they keep releasing free music ’cause of their dislike toward the major label industry. Any band and any musician can give away free music. It’s your choice on how you want your music heard, you can either force fans to pay to listen or give ’em out for free, enough said.

And secondly, everyone is acting like that Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails giving out free music for the first time. WRONG! Bands that drop off major labels and giving out free music has been happening way way way before Radiohead has been doing it. It’s been going on for years. This is NOTHING NEW PEOPLE!

The reason  other bands don’t make the national news headlines for this is because they aren’t as popular as Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails were. Ever since Radiohead and NIN started doing this, other major label bands started, The Cure followed, then Coldplay, etc. They all inspired that with the idea of Radiohead and NIN. This is not a new revolution folks, bands in the music industry has been doing this for years and years. Bands giving out free music only made the national headlines is because of Radiohead, period.

Before Radiohead gave out their album “In Rainbows” for whatever price you want, when was the last time you saw them in the headline news? It has been a long time hasn’t it? Sure was. After all this time we thought Radiohead was done with music, they weren’t until now. They were still playing after all these years pretty quietly and the media has been ignoring them until this internet thing.

Giving out free music to the internet is a good thing and I’m glad to see more bands doing it.