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Are trolls narcissistic, psychopathic, and sadistic??? I’d say yes they are!!!

I usually hate, “study says…” kind of stuff but this one is pretty good and actually, “factual”.

Trolls have always been a huge problem on the internet for years. Psychologists have found that people spend more time trolling on the internet than anything else. Trolling on blogs, forums, youtube, social networking, etc.

I agree that trolling has been a big problem. Always have been. I’ve had trolls attack me everywhere for years and I still get trolls. A lot of popular blogs out there usually have trolls attacking the blogger… like my own blog for example.

I have noticed that most of the trolling is usually done “anonymously”. Why? If they troll under their real names, it’ll show up on google and they could get in a lot of trouble from their family members, friends, etc. They do it to save their reputation. Usually when you see people online harassing bloggers, having nothing positive to say ever… chances are they are probably like that in person in the real world. That’s how they really are. If they are an asshole online… they are probably an asshole when you meet them in person.

This is why I’m very “strict” on moderating. I’m strict on moderating on my site, youtube, both facebooks, twitter, etc. I want nothing to do with trolls, haters or cyber bullies… whatever you wanna call ’em. Some mistakenly believe that trolling is mostly done by young people like in the teenage years to their 20’s. Not true. Trolling can be done by adults in their 30’s – 60’s even. The demographics of trolls varies.

I don’t need my internet world full of trolls so I eliminate all of them the best I can. The only way to defeat trolls is ignoring all of them. Don’t reply to any of them at all whatsoever and don’t care what any of them says about you. It’s not you, it’s them. When you put yourself out there on the internet whether it’s a blog or whatever, be ready for a lot of hateful trolls coming in. It doesn’t matter how sweet and nice of a person you are… you’re gonna get trolls.

Why do they do it? For a lot of reasons… ego, attention, blah blah blah, you get the deal. The internet would be a better place without trolls but there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s why moderating features are available for you so you can take care of ’em. Usually people who are trolls don’t have much of a life. They don’t have much going on. They’re either depressed or have bad things going on in their personal life.

They do it ’cause simply put they enjoy pissing you off. That’s the only reason they do it. They get a laugh out of it. They’re like kids in school, ya know? That’s how bullies act in school beating up kids who are weak. Same thing online. The internet is the trolls playground.

There is a way to be “TOUGH” over trolls and internet bullies… like I said above, ignoring them completely is the only way. It really works. If you don’t reply to any of them and act like they are dead… they WILL get bored and they will stop. The trolling gets worse even if you send one reply to them ’cause that’s what they want you to do. They’re hoping for a back and forth fight with you online.

If readers send me hateful, negative comments on here, I just ignore ’em and delete ’em. I don’t care what they say and don’t care if they don’t like it either. You can’t please everybody.

To other fellow wordpress bloggers, I thought I would post this article, here… hoping you might wanna post it on your own blog.