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Walmart refuses to sell Ronda Rousey’s book ’cause they claim she’s too “violent”… really???

How is Ronda violent? Did people even watch her fights on UFC? So far in her UFC career she had 4 fights. All of them are pretty quick. She throws a few punches and gives the arm bar then it’s over. They consider that violent? Wow. I’ve seen all of her fights… not on ppv but on youtube.

I’m sure Walmart stocks books and movies on DVD/BluRay that are 10 x’s more violent than her.

This is indeed censorship. It’s not only censorship but also pretty sexist since Ronda is a woman and I believe that is probably part of the reason why Walmart is attacking her. Walmart is discriminating her.

UFC and MMA really isn’t really violent and dangerous as people think. If you think so then you must get offended too easily. I know UFC and MMA isn’t all that dangerous ’cause I used to watch it a lot myself. Cage fighting is pretty similar to boxing. No different.

This is just another reason why I hardly shop at Walmart ’cause I hate Walmart like most people. I hope Ronda sues Walmart. I love Ronda Rousey!






Bill Maher calls liberals who cry “Freedom of Speech” a bunch of babies and I agree!!!

I’m not a big fan of Bill Maher of Real Time on HBO but this is a good speech and a good message! This guy is another one who has a lot of balls and not afraid to call out liberals. What he’s saying here is that he’s calling out the libtards hypocrisy about bullying.

I love what he said here:

“Liberals hate bullying, all right. But they’re not opposed to using it. When they casually throw out words like “bigot” and “racist,” it does cow people into avoiding this debate. And if you’re doing that, you don’t get to wear the #JeSuisCharlie button. The button you should wear says #JeSuisPartOfTheProblem. […] This may surprise you, but I am not a big fan of Rush Limbaugh. However, if you’re one of the people with a website devoted to making him go away, you are part of the problem. And ironically, you’re not even a proper liberal because you don’t get free speech. You’re just a baby who can’t stand to live in a world where you hear things that upset you”

Bill has a pretty good point that liberals who claim to be against bullies in high school and bullies against gays and all that stuff when liberals are the ones doing all the bullying when they get disagreed with in their political views. Libtards do all the bullying toward conservatives for criticizing their precious Obama & Hillary. Libtards do all the bullying when they’re disagreed with on gay marriage and gun control.

So libtards cry “freedom of speech” when they’re called out on their bullshit??? HA! FUCK YOU!

I love it when people whine about their comments getting deleted on my blog and whine about me not letting them post anything. Then they cry “freedom of speech” when they won’t let me have any. They knock pretty much everything I say on my site. They won’t respect my opinions on Obama, gay marriage, all the Trayvon Martin/Michael Brown stuff, etc. I can go on. I usually get a lot of flak for my political views by libtards. It seems that libtards are allowed to have “freedom of speech” but conservatives like me get into a lot of trouble for our views. It’s bullshit though.

Are libtards really against bullying when the reality is that they are the bullies themselves? This is called liberal intolerance. Bill is right is that libtards calling conservatives “bigots” and “racists” is bullying. I get called that stuff by libtards all the time yet they claim to be against bullying in high school and bullying against gays. They are definitely not proper “liberals” even though they claim they are.

Liberals do get upset when they’re disagreed with absolutely. Bill Maher is getting my respect lately and I think I’m a new fan of his.