Walmart refuses to sell Ronda Rousey’s book ’cause they claim she’s too “violent”… really???

How is Ronda violent? Did people even watch her fights on UFC? So far in her UFC career she had 4 fights. All of them are pretty quick. She throws a few punches and gives the arm bar then it’s over. They consider that violent? Wow. I’ve seen all of her fights… not on ppv but on youtube.

I’m sure Walmart stocks books and movies on DVD/BluRay that are 10 x’s more violent than her.

This is indeed censorship. It’s not only censorship but also pretty sexist since Ronda is a woman and I believe that is probably part of the reason why Walmart is attacking her. Walmart is discriminating her.

UFC and MMA really isn’t really violent and dangerous as people think. If you think so then you must get offended too easily. I know UFC and MMA isn’t all that dangerous ’cause I used to watch it a lot myself. Cage fighting is pretty similar to boxing. No different.

This is just another reason why I hardly shop at Walmart ’cause I hate Walmart like most people. I hope Ronda sues Walmart. I love Ronda Rousey!





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