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Obama doesn’t keep us safe at all, if you believe that you are naive and dumb…

Obama doesn’t keep up safe at all. He’s a very dangerous man and his goal is that he wants us to feel “unsafe”. He’s doing that intentionally. To scare Americans on purpose. He wants to make us feel that we’re in danger which is why he started ISIS and why he is staging all of these fake shootings all over America.

If a real president wanted to keep us safe then he would have done so immediately but Obama doesn’t do that.

Obama maybe addressing the nation Sunday but if you take everything he says seriously then you are one uneducated and naive dumbass. I never take what Obama says seriously ’cause everything that comes out of that man’s mouth is a lie so all he’s gonna do Sunday night is spew out a huge load of bullshit like always.

Anybody who believes that Obama is doing a good job keeping us safe is fucking delusional.

When will the American people ever wake up and realize that Obama is very dangerous and evil? Obama himself is the terrorist, that’s a fact.


Video: Rick Santorum nails it on the head about Obama defenders in this country… I agree with him…

I stopped liking Rick Santorum a long time ago but he just got my respect again after saying this. You wanna know why people in this country are obsessed with defending Obama so much? Not only the media and liberals are defending Obama… there are even some Republicans defending him too.

Simply the reason so many are obsessed with defending Obama ’cause Obama the man himself got you to. It isn’t just the media that teach people to defend Obama… Obama himself teaches people to defend him as well and does a good job at it. Obama is a good manipulator.

Obama has been way too protected and defended by people in this country so much since he got elected in 2008 and it still goes on. Makes me sick too. Like I said even Republicans defended Obama.

I kept a close eye on Obama’s presidency since he got elected in 2008 and I never defended him on anything. People defend him over everything, even the smallest things. It’s crazy, man. This country’s obsession over Obama is really creepy.

Obama doesn’t need to get defended by candidates ’cause he already got you doing that. Even though Rick also refuses to answer on whether or not Barack is a Muslim, this was a cool thing Rick did. Not everybody have to defend Obama so get over it. Obama’s not the King.

Despite of all the controversy, I’m just glad Obama’s possible Muslim faith finally made the mainstream. It’s interesting how people don’t think Obama’s a Muslim when there’s all kinds of clues out there. He even went to a Muslim school in Indonesia as a kid and I don’t think Non-Muslims are allowed in Muslim schools.


WHCD, dropping all kinds of hints that Obama is a Muslim and born in Africa…

Listen to both speeches of Obama and Cecily Strong. Obama dropped tons of hints saying that he was born in Africa.

All these hints indicating that Obama is a Muslim and was born from Africa…

“all while trying to find times to pray 5 times a day” (Muslims prays 5 times a day, look it up)

“they won’t serve us pizza anymore”

“identified as American in 1961”

“My middle name is Hussein”

And most of all, Cecily made up a joke about singing Kumbaya in a “village of Africa”.

It’s amazing how people didn’t catch up on that stuff. They probably didn’t get it. Wake up America!


Why Obama is never gonna admit that he’s a Muslim even though we all know he is…

The reason Obummer is never gonna admit his Muslim faith is because Allah doesn’t permit him to… straight from the Qu’ran itself, link here:


Qur’an (40:28) – A man is introduced as a believer, but one who must “hide his faith” among those who are not believers.

Bukhari (84:64-65) – Speaking from a position of power at the time, Ali confirms that lying is permissible in order to deceive an “enemy.”

They came from this site: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/

So there you have it, folks.

You can show us all kinds of signs and clues that he might be a closeted Muslim but he’s never gonna admit it unless someone else can prove it.

He’s obsessed with lying to the American people so much ’cause he’s only honest and truthful to Muslims. He won’t be honest to non-believers. That’s the way he is. He’s pretending to be “Christian” as a way to cover up his Muslim faith.

He’s doing all of this in the name of Allah. He’s pretty loyal to the prophet Muhammad and he always has been.

This is why Obummer can’t put “Islam” and “terrorism” in the same sentence ’cause I’m sure there’s somewhere in the Qu’ran that says that too. He’s just doing whatever it takes to defeat, “non-believers”. If he put “Islam” and “Terrorism” together, that would disrespect Allah. That is also why he didn’t show in the Charlie Hebdo rally in France with the other World Leaders.

It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to see that he’s a Muslim. Anybody that says he isn’t is an idiot.


Obama gives the Shahada hand signal at Summit yesterday…

So you think Obummer is not a closet Muslim? A Muslim pretending to be Christian? He seems to know the Islam religion too-well. He seems to give more sympathy to Islam than Christian. Is Obama really a Christian? I don’t think so. Over the years, Obummer have showed plenty of signs of his Muslim beliefs and I think the proof is right here. This photo is real and authentic. It’s not photoshopped or anything.

That hand signal is not some ordinary hand signal. He’s not waving goodbye or anything. That’s a Shahada hand signal. It means that “there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”.

Come on guys, wake up. Even Barack’s name, “Barack Hussein Obama” has Muslim written all over it. People don’t accuse him of hiding his Muslim faith for no reason and he continues to show it even more.


I thought liberals hated war but now they’re all for it???

During the Iraq/Afghanistan wars that George W. started after the events of 9/11/01, libtards gave Bush all kinds of shit about for years. Called him a war criminal and war monger… all that stuff. Then Obummer finally ends both of those wars and now liberals are all happy and shit. Here comes Obummer doing his usual flip-flopping, now agreeing to go to war against Isis. After all the complaints and bullshit by the liberal left making claims they hate wars and they don’t want anymore, they seem to be all for this ISIS/ISIL war. Libtards are going nuts in social networking getting all excited that Obummer is asking Congress to go to war against ISIS finally.

So do libtards agree with everything that Obummer says or does? Is that’s what this is? They all hated war before but now they’re all for it under Obummer as president?

They are going to war against something that potentially isn’t real. If you want some hints that ISIS might be a hoax started by our US government google: Simon Elliot and John McCain.

Here, I’ll show you:

It was revealed by Edward Snowden that British and American Intelligence and the Mossad worked together to create Isis… article here:


The Gulf Daily News isn’t a tabloid. It’s a newspaper from Bahrain in the Middle East. The article says the name, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi but he’s really Simon Elliot who is a Jewish Mossad agent. I think it’s possible that Barack Obama is working pretty closely with this Simon Elliot guy to make all those ISIS videos and you shouldn’t be surprised that he is.

There is no proof of those murders at the hands of ISIS. They didn’t show any. All those videos seems like they were professionally filmed, almost too perfect. So somebody behind all of those ISIS videos are really good film makers for sure and all of those victims in those videos were really good actors.

I know people are gonna call me “crazy” and a “conspiracy theorist” but there is no doubt in my mind that ISIS/ISIL isn’t even real. There’s nothing really to worry about.

You honestly believe that terrorists would waste all that time and money to film videos? Do you honestly believe they would have professional video cameras with them? Come on, people… don’t be fucking stupid and naive.


There might not even be a 2016 election, Obama could declare “martial law” over the ISIS/ISIL war to continue his presidency even longer…

So Obummer sends letter to an all Republican Congress asking them for authorization to send military to fight Isis/Isil or whatever you wanna call them. I’m sure you’re all wondering about my thoughts about this and you can very well believe it’s not gonna be very positive.

I think Obummer himself may have possibly started ISIS/ISIL as a way for him to declare martial law and continue his presidency after 2016. It’s definitely possible that he can continue his presidency after 2016. How? A president has the power to declare martial law; however, “martial law” must be declared during the time of war or civil unrest. Why do you think Obummer finally ended the Afghanistan war? It’s because he’s about to start a whole new war against ISIS/ISIL. When “martial law” is declared that means government powers and Constitutional rights will be suspended. All power from executive, legislative and judicial branches will be removed.

Why do you think Obummer started all of this civil unrest stuff with Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown? Why do you think Obummer may have started this ISIS group? Have you noticed these things started toward the end of Obummer’s presidency? His presidency could go on even longer ’cause of all of this going on.

So don’t get all excited for the 2016 election, America. We may have to deal with Obummer even longer. He may as well be president for the rest of his miserable life.

Obummer is such an arrogant and egotistical piece of shit. He’ll remain president until his goals for America are achieved… destroy America and transform us but not in a good way. He’s not gonna give up until he turns us into a Muslim state or better known as “The United States of Islam”.

He won’t take responsibility for anything and this man is evil. He’s not gonna be stopped until we stop him ourselves and nobody’s doing anything. It’s just sad all around.


Watch the Jordanian pilot burned alive video here…

I just watched some of Isis’s latest video of the burned alive Jordanian pilot. It was quite interesting to say the least. If you actually watch it, this video seemed like it was all professionally filmed. It was filmed like a real movie. The whole thing definitely seemed like it was professionally directed and scripted. Even a Hollywood filmmaker would know this video is a complete joke. This video was filmed like a low budget horror film or something.

I didn’t watch the whole video since it was too long but I fast forwarded to the burned alive part and the fire doesn’t even look real either.


The Isis videos are 100% faked and they were all filmed in a professional studio somewhere. The camera work, the lighting and the editing work is almost too perfect. I’m sure this video had to cost them a fortune to make.

I don’t think Isis is even real, guys. They’re a fictional terrorist group created by our US government. Who’s ever filming these videos should be arrested and charged ’cause this is a criminal act whether it’s real or not. I’m almost 100% positive these Isis videos are fake and scripted.


Michelle Obama refused to wear a keffiyeh in Saudi Arabia which is no surprise… Barack told her not to wear one possibly???

It’s pretty obvious that women are not allowed to show their faces in Saudi Arabia so all of them are forced to wear a keffiyeh which is some kind of scarf that covers their faces. Michelle refused to wear one and she received a lot of Saudi Arabian backlash ’cause of it.


Looking at the photos, though, Barack himself of course is looking very excited to be there like a 12 year old kid in Disneyland but Michelle doesn’t look happy at all to be there. She looks very angry in fact.

I think Barack told her not to wear a keffiyeh or a shemagh as a way for Americans not to speculate Barack being a Muslim himself or a sympathizer. They know that women are not allowed to show their faces in Saudi Arabia and they know that Michelle should have worn one. They intentionally decided that she wouldn’t wear one when she was supposed to.

These photos are amazing, though. Notice that Barack seems to be very excited around Muslim people especially the Bergdahl family at the Rose Garden speech @ the White House.

The evidence of his Muslim faith keeps showing more and more. He’s either Muslim himself or “Sympathizer”, I think he’s a Muslim himself and sticking with it.

How does this make Obama look that he refused to acknowledge Chris Kyle, he refused to attend Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, he refused to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu now that he’s set to give a speech to Congress and he supports a Muslim deserter like Bowe Bergdhal?