There might not even be a 2016 election, Obama could declare “martial law” over the ISIS/ISIL war to continue his presidency even longer…

So Obummer sends letter to an all Republican Congress asking them for authorization to send military to fight Isis/Isil or whatever you wanna call them. I’m sure you’re all wondering about my thoughts about this and you can very well believe it’s not gonna be very positive.

I think Obummer himself may have possibly started ISIS/ISIL as a way for him to declare martial law and continue his presidency after 2016. It’s definitely possible that he can continue his presidency after 2016. How? A president has the power to declare martial law; however, “martial law” must be declared during the time of war or civil unrest. Why do you think Obummer finally ended the Afghanistan war? It’s because he’s about to start a whole new war against ISIS/ISIL. When “martial law” is declared that means government powers and Constitutional rights will be suspended. All power from executive, legislative and judicial branches will be removed.

Why do you think Obummer started all of this civil unrest stuff with Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown? Why do you think Obummer may have started this ISIS group? Have you noticed these things started toward the end of Obummer’s presidency? His presidency could go on even longer ’cause of all of this going on.

So don’t get all excited for the 2016 election, America. We may have to deal with Obummer even longer. He may as well be president for the rest of his miserable life.

Obummer is such an arrogant and egotistical piece of shit. He’ll remain president until his goals for America are achieved… destroy America and transform us but not in a good way. He’s not gonna give up until he turns us into a Muslim state or better known as “The United States of Islam”.

He won’t take responsibility for anything and this man is evil. He’s not gonna be stopped until we stop him ourselves and nobody’s doing anything. It’s just sad all around.


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