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Um yeah, Trump is such an Islamophobe… take that libtards!!!

Wow. Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia this weekend is pretty historic for sure. Liberals spent all year calling Trump a bigot, Islamophobic, Xenophobic and all kinds of names. Making ridiculous claims that he hates Muslims. Bernie Sanders, HRC and die-hard liberals did all that to Trump.

Well here ya go, liberals. Trump seems to be enjoying himself in a Muslim country and they seem to be enjoying him too. They gave him a warm welcome in Saudi and liberals hate it. Liberals tried to make it look like Trump hated Muslims and this weekend those claims has been shut down for good. It’s pissing liberals off as they hate being wrong.

Trump had a historic speech at an Arab Summit today which I did watch speaking about Islamic terrorism to Muslim world leaders which was pretty ballsy.

I used to be against Islam totally but after seeing what happened in Saudi with Trump’s visit, maybe Muslims are pretty cool after all? Maybe Islam isn’t that bad but it’s radical Islam we’re trying to stop. Big difference.

I’m seeing that liberals are going crazy. Going out of their minds seeing that Trump doesn’t hate Muslims and Muslims don’t hate him. Pretty funny stuff. LMAO!

Take that Bernie, you old clown!


Obama would never release that 28 page 9/11 document, even if he did they would be redacted anyways so why bother?

There’s a 9/11/01 bill that’s going on through Congress and if it passes, it would give families of 9/11 victims the right to sue foreign people for being involved in the attacks. The Saudis threatened to sell US assets (aka property in Saudi Arabia owned by the US government) if the bill passes.

They are also trying to get Obama to declassify the 28 page document. Some of it has already been released but only certain pages.



It’s a waste of time trying to push Obama to release that 9/11 document ’cause even if he did they would be heavily redacted anyways. When he had the “Operation: Fast and Furious” and “Benghazi” documents released, you couldn’t see much on those at all. The same would happen if he was forced to release the 28 page 9/11 document. You would see a lot of blank spaces and black outs on it.

Obama’s a fucking coward. I’ve been saying for years now that Obama is not on our side. He’s the enemy of America and he’s showing it even more over the 28 page document.

This is another reason why we need Trump in office. Get Trump elected then the full un-redacted 28 page document gets released and all those gets exposed involved in the attacks. I’ve been saying for a long time that Obama has always been obsessed with “classified” information. Why do you think Benghazi and Operation F&F are still unsolved? You will never get top secret info from Obama.

The only reason they redact documents is ’cause obviously it would land Obama into a lot of trouble. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect himself that’s why he gets away with so much. When they release documents, they pick and choose of what to show on them so they won’t expose people. My bets that the reason they won’t release the full 28 page document is ’cause it would expose those in government involved in 9/11. They would expose Obama, George W. Bush and the Clintons. All of them were in on 9/11. All the liberals want to blame Bush for 9/11… yes, Bush was definitely responsible but he’s not the only one to blame. George W. Bush definitely had some help in the 9/11 attacks.

Under the Obama administration, it’s very hard to expose Barack Obama of his crimes ’cause he’s having people in his administration to help protect him like Valerie Jarrett and others.

And also, the documents would prove that Bin Laden and Al Qaeda wasn’t involved in the attacks at all.

Like I said above, this is another reason why we need Trump. Get Trump in office and he’ll get to the bottom of most Obama crimes like 9/11/01 involvement, Benghazi, Operation F&F, The IRS scandals, the VA scandals and everything else. Trump will prove that Obama is behind all those. Maybe that’s why so many hate Trump ’cause they know Trump is about to throw Obama in prison soon.


About Michelle’s missing head scarf in Saudi Arabia….

I like to “lurk” this hilarious “Being Liberal” page. Yeah, I called it “hilarious” ’cause this page really is. I just read it for laughs ’cause the page is full of misinformed and ridiculous memes… and all the comments on this page are just uneducated at best.

But here we go again, pointing out whatever Bush did just to make the Obamas look good.

Yeah, it’s true that Laura didn’t wear a head scarf in Saudi Arabia but the only difference between Laura’s and Michelle’s not wearing a head scarf is that Laura seems to be smiling and enjoying herself while Michelle looks to be in a bad mood. That’s the only reason why Michelle has gotten a lot of flak for this. She looks very angry. She has her hair down, almost covering her face and if you watch this video in the link here:


You can see Barack smiling and enjoying himself the whole time while Michelle has this pissed off looking frown. It seemed like she was sending a negative message to the Saudi’s or their fellow Muslims.

I look at that video in the CNN link watching Barack shake hands with the Saudi’s… huge smile on Barack’s face. He looks like a little kid at Disneyland.

Is it just me or Michelle doesn’t look too happy to be around Muslim people???

It’s just crazy on how Barack supports anything Muslim more than our US Soldiers. If you can’t see that then you are an uneducated loser. Even the approval ratings toward Barack from our military have gone way down. Even they know he’s a Muslim terrorist supporter.

We are in need of a real president who shows more respect to our US troops ’cause Barack doesn’t do that. We need a real leader who isn’t afraid to call Muslims “evil” which Barack refuses to do. He does call “terrorists” evil yes but he refuses to put “Muslim” and “evil” in the same sentence.

I don’t get why people still defend Obama no matter the situation. In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t allow people defending Obama on my site anymore like I used to. When someone does, the comment is deleted and ignored. I don’t care if anybody doesn’t like it. It’s my site.


Michelle Obama refused to wear a keffiyeh in Saudi Arabia which is no surprise… Barack told her not to wear one possibly???

It’s pretty obvious that women are not allowed to show their faces in Saudi Arabia so all of them are forced to wear a keffiyeh which is some kind of scarf that covers their faces. Michelle refused to wear one and she received a lot of Saudi Arabian backlash ’cause of it.


Looking at the photos, though, Barack himself of course is looking very excited to be there like a 12 year old kid in Disneyland but Michelle doesn’t look happy at all to be there. She looks very angry in fact.

I think Barack told her not to wear a keffiyeh or a shemagh as a way for Americans not to speculate Barack being a Muslim himself or a sympathizer. They know that women are not allowed to show their faces in Saudi Arabia and they know that Michelle should have worn one. They intentionally decided that she wouldn’t wear one when she was supposed to.

These photos are amazing, though. Notice that Barack seems to be very excited around Muslim people especially the Bergdahl family at the Rose Garden speech @ the White House.

The evidence of his Muslim faith keeps showing more and more. He’s either Muslim himself or “Sympathizer”, I think he’s a Muslim himself and sticking with it.

How does this make Obama look that he refused to acknowledge Chris Kyle, he refused to attend Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, he refused to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu now that he’s set to give a speech to Congress and he supports a Muslim deserter like Bowe Bergdhal?


So Obama flies to Saudi Arabia to pay respects to a Muslim King instead of attending the Paris march?

If Obama was able to fly to Saudi Arabia to join world leaders to pay respects to a Muslim King then I’m pretty sure Obama was capable of flying to Paris for the “Charlie Hebdo” march.


Why won’t Obama admit that he’s not a Christian and he’s actually Muslim? All the signs and evidence are out there. Give it up, Obama. You’re not fooling anyone!!!


Who cares about King Abdullah’s death… good riddance and hopes he burns in HELL!!!


Pretty insane on how liberal media is all over the death of King Abdullah. He is being painted as a US ally and as expected refusing to call him, “terrorist” or “radical Muslim”. Yeah, Abdullah appeared to be against “terrorism” and claimed to be fighting against Islamic extremism but that’s not what I see. He was a terrorism supporting tyrant.

The last thing you wanna do is trust a Muslim who claims to be against “terrorism”. I’m not sure if he had committed any terrorism himself but I’m sure he had a hand in terrorism like the rest of ’em.

Fuck him and let him burn. The only reason he fought against Muslim extremism is because he was just trying to defend Islam and trying not to make the religion look like terrorists.

It really bothers me how the media and liberal facebook/twitter is treating him positively. Muslims don’t deserve to be treated positively or with sympathy after all the violence and crime they committed over the years and around the world.

I hate how the media tries to make Muslims look like good guys and doing all their best to protect Islam. You wanna support evil, be my guest.