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About Michelle’s missing head scarf in Saudi Arabia….

I like to “lurk” this hilarious “Being Liberal” page. Yeah, I called it “hilarious” ’cause this page really is. I just read it for laughs ’cause the page is full of misinformed and ridiculous memes… and all the comments on this page are just uneducated at best.

But here we go again, pointing out whatever Bush did just to make the Obamas look good.

Yeah, it’s true that Laura didn’t wear a head scarf in Saudi Arabia but the only difference between Laura’s and Michelle’s not wearing a head scarf is that Laura seems to be smiling and enjoying herself while Michelle looks to be in a bad mood. That’s the only reason why Michelle has gotten a lot of flak for this. She looks very angry. She has her hair down, almost covering her face and if you watch this video in the link here:


You can see Barack smiling and enjoying himself the whole time while Michelle has this pissed off looking frown. It seemed like she was sending a negative message to the Saudi’s or their fellow Muslims.

I look at that video in the CNN link watching Barack shake hands with the Saudi’s… huge smile on Barack’s face. He looks like a little kid at Disneyland.

Is it just me or Michelle doesn’t look too happy to be around Muslim people???

It’s just crazy on how Barack supports anything Muslim more than our US Soldiers. If you can’t see that then you are an uneducated loser. Even the approval ratings toward Barack from our military have gone way down. Even they know he’s a Muslim terrorist supporter.

We are in need of a real president who shows more respect to our US troops ’cause Barack doesn’t do that. We need a real leader who isn’t afraid to call Muslims “evil” which Barack refuses to do. He does call “terrorists” evil yes but he refuses to put “Muslim” and “evil” in the same sentence.

I don’t get why people still defend Obama no matter the situation. In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t allow people defending Obama on my site anymore like I used to. When someone does, the comment is deleted and ignored. I don’t care if anybody doesn’t like it. It’s my site.