Who cares about King Abdullah’s death… good riddance and hopes he burns in HELL!!!


Pretty insane on how liberal media is all over the death of King Abdullah. He is being painted as a US ally and as expected refusing to call him, “terrorist” or “radical Muslim”. Yeah, Abdullah appeared to be against “terrorism” and claimed to be fighting against Islamic extremism but that’s not what I see. He was a terrorism supporting tyrant.

The last thing you wanna do is trust a Muslim who claims to be against “terrorism”. I’m not sure if he had committed any terrorism himself but I’m sure he had a hand in terrorism like the rest of ’em.

Fuck him and let him burn. The only reason he fought against Muslim extremism is because he was just trying to defend Islam and trying not to make the religion look like terrorists.

It really bothers me how the media and liberal facebook/twitter is treating him positively. Muslims don’t deserve to be treated positively or with sympathy after all the violence and crime they committed over the years and around the world.

I hate how the media tries to make Muslims look like good guys and doing all their best to protect Islam. You wanna support evil, be my guest.


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