Watch the Jordanian pilot burned alive video here…

I just watched some of Isis’s latest video of the burned alive Jordanian pilot. It was quite interesting to say the least. If you actually watch it, this video seemed like it was all professionally filmed. It was filmed like a real movie. The whole thing definitely seemed like it was professionally directed and scripted. Even a Hollywood filmmaker would know this video is a complete joke. This video was filmed like a low budget horror film or something.

I didn’t watch the whole video since it was too long but I fast forwarded to the burned alive part and the fire doesn’t even look real either.

The Isis videos are 100% faked and they were all filmed in a professional studio somewhere. The camera work, the lighting and the editing work is almost too perfect. I’m sure this video had to cost them a fortune to make.

I don’t think Isis is even real, guys. They’re a fictional terrorist group created by our US government. Who’s ever filming these videos should be arrested and charged ’cause this is a criminal act whether it’s real or not. I’m almost 100% positive these Isis videos are fake and scripted.


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