I thought liberals hated war but now they’re all for it???

During the Iraq/Afghanistan wars that George W. started after the events of 9/11/01, libtards gave Bush all kinds of shit about for years. Called him a war criminal and war monger… all that stuff. Then Obummer finally ends both of those wars and now liberals are all happy and shit. Here comes Obummer doing his usual flip-flopping, now agreeing to go to war against Isis. After all the complaints and bullshit by the liberal left making claims they hate wars and they don’t want anymore, they seem to be all for this ISIS/ISIL war. Libtards are going nuts in social networking getting all excited that Obummer is asking Congress to go to war against ISIS finally.

So do libtards agree with everything that Obummer says or does? Is that’s what this is? They all hated war before but now they’re all for it under Obummer as president?

They are going to war against something that potentially isn’t real. If you want some hints that ISIS might be a hoax started by our US government google: Simon Elliot and John McCain.

Here, I’ll show you:

It was revealed by Edward Snowden that British and American Intelligence and the Mossad worked together to create Isis… article here:


The Gulf Daily News isn’t a tabloid. It’s a newspaper from Bahrain in the Middle East. The article says the name, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi but he’s really Simon Elliot who is a Jewish Mossad agent. I think it’s possible that Barack Obama is working pretty closely with this Simon Elliot guy to make all those ISIS videos and you shouldn’t be surprised that he is.

There is no proof of those murders at the hands of ISIS. They didn’t show any. All those videos seems like they were professionally filmed, almost too perfect. So somebody behind all of those ISIS videos are really good film makers for sure and all of those victims in those videos were really good actors.

I know people are gonna call me “crazy” and a “conspiracy theorist” but there is no doubt in my mind that ISIS/ISIL isn’t even real. There’s nothing really to worry about.

You honestly believe that terrorists would waste all that time and money to film videos? Do you honestly believe they would have professional video cameras with them? Come on, people… don’t be fucking stupid and naive.


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