Obama doesn’t keep us safe at all, if you believe that you are naive and dumb…

Obama doesn’t keep up safe at all. He’s a very dangerous man and his goal is that he wants us to feel “unsafe”. He’s doing that intentionally. To scare Americans on purpose. He wants to make us feel that we’re in danger which is why he started ISIS and why he is staging all of these fake shootings all over America.

If a real president wanted to keep us safe then he would have done so immediately but Obama doesn’t do that.

Obama maybe addressing the nation Sunday but if you take everything he says seriously then you are one uneducated and naive dumbass. I never take what Obama says seriously ’cause everything that comes out of that man’s mouth is a lie so all he’s gonna do Sunday night is spew out a huge load of bullshit like always.

Anybody who believes that Obama is doing a good job keeping us safe is fucking delusional.

When will the American people ever wake up and realize that Obama is very dangerous and evil? Obama himself is the terrorist, that’s a fact.


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