Onlyfans banning pornographic content but still allowing nudes… um, what???

The site onlyfans has been catching a lot of buzz for a long while. What is it? It’s a content subscription service made by London, UK… where you have to pay to see people’s stuff.

The site became extremely popular and blew up for so-called, “sex-workers” ’cause the site allowed nudity and hardcore pornographic content. Yes, X-rated sex videos and pics used to be allowed but not anymore. The over explicit content on onlyfans are now banned on the site but nudity is still allowed.

In my opinion, “onlyfans” is an evil website and should have never been created. So people think that posting X-Rated and pornographic stuff onlyfans and paying for it to see it as “sex work”??? No not at all.

In my opinion and sticking with it, I think “onlyfans” is prostitution, really. Why would you want to do that? Force people to pay to see you naked and have sex with someone?

Even if you still use the site to not post sexual content and use it for “clean” stuff, it’s still evil.

Those that join the site to do “sex work” or not, are just desperate for money and that’s it. They don’t care about you. It’s just amazing that people would pay a lot of money to see only fans garbage.

Selling your bodies like that is just wrong anyways. There are other ways to make a few extra bucks you don’t need to do “onlyfans”. Have some respect for yourself.


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