Report: Miley Cyrus slams social networking sites…

Miley Cyrus, the Disney star, spoke out about social networking sites such as myspace/facebook/twitter/etc.  which those three sites seem to be taking over the world these days. She revealed that she is trying to stay away from the internet and become more social out in the real world. She says the internet can be pretty dangerous if you tell the whole world about your personal life and telling the world what you’re doing.

Read what she has to say about the internet here:

While some out there may hate what she says, I’m gonna have to side with her on this one and say she brings up some very valid points. Social networking sites can be very dangerous and people don’t even realize how evil it can be. Knowing from my own experiences.

In facebook, I see people in there talking about everything that goes on in their personal lives, even their marriages, children, family, etc. They rant about how much life sucks and all that. It’s not cool. There are women posting pictures of newborn babies in there which is also not cool. In my opinion, I think children and teen shouldn’t be allowed on the internet at all. If you wonder why young children and young women are disappearing possibly being kidnapped or murdered by pedophiles and predators, the internet can be part of why all of this is happening.

More reasons why the internet can be dangerous, if you’re open about your personal life, it could cost you your job, destroy your marriage, pretty much everything you have. If you cyberbully other people online, and if they meet you in person, you could get into a heated confrontation, possibly a huge fight or something worse.

I used to talk about stuff that goes on in my life in the past, but now I just use the internet for entertainment news only if you noticed. I don’t even talk about myself in my facebook page that much. I use it to do my usual thing talk about movies, music, wrestling, video games, etc. The internet maybe a cool tool to come on here and be open about yourself, but the reality is, it’s not a cool thing. These days I vow to keep my personal life out of everything and it works beautifully. I’m doing my best to spend less time off the internet too if you noticed. Now that I found fitness as a passion, playing more guitar and video games.

Honestly though, there are too many whacked and crazy people all over the place in social networking sites that I try to stay out of things. Too much negativity and drama, not my thing anymore. Great on Miley for saying something real for once. She gets my kudos this time!


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