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Tom Anderson, no longer a fan of myspace….

In the past, myspace used to be a hot website, in social media. Now it’s nothing anymore. Guess what folks? Tom Anderson actually agrees with everyone that myspace has turned to shit!!!

Tom Anderson, the former head honcho of myspace, took to his facebook, to give his thoughts, he said:

“People seem very confused why I’m on Facebook. I’ve had a profile since 2005 and a “fan page” since 2009. FB just created a feature where you can “subscribe” to profiles. They asked me if I wanted to convert my “page” into a simpler profile. Complicated? I suppose. Why am I not on MySpace? Because, I left the company in early 2009, and like most of you, I don’t like using it anymore.. not a fan of what the new folks have done with MySpace.”

I can totally see why everyone is on facebook now, instead of myspace.

The way it is set up is horrible. Adding random friends without your approval is not cool as well. Plus, way too much spam and advertisements. I think the main reason why people don’t use myspace anymore ’cause the website is full of dangerous viruses and spyware.

I don’t even go to that site anymore at all myself.

Even though facebook, still kind of sucks, I can understand why people use it anyway ’cause it’s the only safe place to keep in touch with people you know and family members.

I continue to use facebook ’cause one of the reasons is that I have family members out of state, mostly in California. That’s why I stay in facebook so I can stay in touch with them. Although I do enjoy using facebook to keep in touch with my own supporters/fans, local musicians, and network my blog.

Who needs myspace anyway.


Report: Myspace, not a good site anymore? I would say so…

Around the year 2006, myspace was once a hot social networking site. Myspace took over the world for a couple of years. I’ll admit, myspace used to be cool. Why is the myspace popularity dropping? First off, the site has virus’s and possibly spyware. That never used to happen to myspace before. I bet that’s why more people deleted their myspace accounts because of the huge virus’s the site has now. Plus, it’s too much spam and it’s more of an advertising site than social networking. Bands and celebrities took over the site to promote their careers, that’s another reason. Facebook became the next hot social networking site. Facebook took over myspace big time, obviously.

Secondly, another reason people are losing respect to Myspace is because their new design is shit and pages take too long and too damn slow to load. Myspace isn’t what it used to be. I don’t even go there myself that much. It’s pretty sad to what myspace has become. Now they are trying to compete with facebook which they fail miserably. Myspace will never be the hot social networking site anymore.

Read this article, here.


CD Review: Jaze Wade “Light Between Space”

Supporting other musicians, is one of my favorite things to do. It doesn’t just have to be musicians in my area. I support musicians all over the world if I like their music, whether they are signed or not. It doesn’t matter. I just love listening to music whether the musician is famous or not. Jaze Wade is a musician from Shreveport, LA. He describes himself as an electronic and alternative rock musician. When I gave this album a listen that I downloaded from Itunes, he wasn’t kidding. There’s plenty of electronic and upbeat guitar driven rock music. When I started playing this album on my Ipod, I was immediately drawn to it and was hooked. The songs are catchy, different and unique. Jaze’s singing is listenable. You can really hear his passion and emotion with his vocals during the song, “Into the Faded Sun” which is one of my favorite’s off the album. The song “My Sweet” has a 70’s sound to it, it starts off with acoustic playing and here comes great guitar solos over the intro. The reason I love this album so much is because it reminds me of David Bowie. It seems he has a lot of David Bowie influence. He’s a talented songwriter, check out Jaze Wade. He has a gift with his music. The production on the sound of the album is really awesome. Professionally recorded and all. Great work Jaze, and looking forward to hearing more work from you in the future!

Listen to a few tracks off “Light Between Space” from his myspace here:



Report: Paul Weller slams Myspace and facebook…

Paul Weller, who is the former frontman of the UK punk rock band, The Jam, has slammed social networking sites, Myspace and Facebook.

Click here to read his words:


The user comments in that article, the NME readers, has responded. Slamming Paul Weller in return. It’s like music fans can’t take his opinion. The truth maybe harsh, but I’m gonna say, that the man actually brings up some valid points.

When he tells you to “go down to a pub” what he really means, is that he wants people to do more productive things than hang in social networking sites. When he says to the guy at his show, “This is myspace and you’re invading it”. That means that Paul Weller likes to keep his life private instead of making it public on social networking sites.

You’ll have to admit that Paul is so right on what he says. Back in the 50’s-80’s, there was no such thing as the internet. It made it hard to promote music back in the old days. Now it seems that the rich & famous, the mainstream of media fame has taken over social networking sites. Real celebrities and real bands using myspace/facebook (also twitter) to promote their careers. I’ll have to agree with him that myspace/facebook is what makes this world a sad society.


Report: Miley Cyrus slams social networking sites…

Miley Cyrus, the Disney star, spoke out about social networking sites such as myspace/facebook/twitter/etc.  which those three sites seem to be taking over the world these days. She revealed that she is trying to stay away from the internet and become more social out in the real world. She says the internet can be pretty dangerous if you tell the whole world about your personal life and telling the world what you’re doing.

Read what she has to say about the internet here:


While some out there may hate what she says, I’m gonna have to side with her on this one and say she brings up some very valid points. Social networking sites can be very dangerous and people don’t even realize how evil it can be. Knowing from my own experiences.

In facebook, I see people in there talking about everything that goes on in their personal lives, even their marriages, children, family, etc. They rant about how much life sucks and all that. It’s not cool. There are women posting pictures of newborn babies in there which is also not cool. In my opinion, I think children and teen shouldn’t be allowed on the internet at all. If you wonder why young children and young women are disappearing possibly being kidnapped or murdered by pedophiles and predators, the internet can be part of why all of this is happening.

More reasons why the internet can be dangerous, if you’re open about your personal life, it could cost you your job, destroy your marriage, pretty much everything you have. If you cyberbully other people online, and if they meet you in person, you could get into a heated confrontation, possibly a huge fight or something worse.

I used to talk about stuff that goes on in my life in the past, but now I just use the internet for entertainment news only if you noticed. I don’t even talk about myself in my facebook page that much. I use it to do my usual thing talk about movies, music, wrestling, video games, etc. The internet maybe a cool tool to come on here and be open about yourself, but the reality is, it’s not a cool thing. These days I vow to keep my personal life out of everything and it works beautifully. I’m doing my best to spend less time off the internet too if you noticed. Now that I found fitness as a passion, playing more guitar and video games.

Honestly though, there are too many whacked and crazy people all over the place in social networking sites that I try to stay out of things. Too much negativity and drama, not my thing anymore. Great on Miley for saying something real for once. She gets my kudos this time!


Report: Coco furious over butt-cleavage photo taken down in myspace…

Coco, who is the wife of actor and rapper Ice-T, put up a controversial photo of herself, in her official myspace page, which clearly showed her ass crack. She wasn’t wearing panties or nothing under her white dress, when she was out partying at a nightclub. The photo was taken down by the staff of myspace. She went to her twitter page to complain. The internet and her fans are also furious that it was taken down. People are supporting her and defending her of that photo.

Read more on it here:


Why did myspace take down her photo? If you think that she had the right to put up that photo, then you are so wrong.

My guess on why it was taken down, is because, it broke the rules of the TOS of myspace, read up:


The rule falls under 8 – 8.4.

There you go, there’s your answer. Myspace doesn’t accept nudity of any kind, even if it’s just a simple butt-cleavage. They take the rules of the TOS very seriously on everybody, even with celebrities that have their own myspace pages. Myspace don’t care how big or famous you are, they will treat celebrities the same way they treat people who are not famous.

And on top of that, Coco is a fake plastic bitch anyways. Nothing more of a Barbie doll.


Cool Video: The Resident calls out myspace by showing herself deleting her account on video!!!

I’m sure those who are in youtube all the time, may find this youtuber vlogger, The Resident, familiar to you. She posted this funny video that she calls out myspace by deleting her account on a video. She has other videos bashing myspace.

I agree that myspace sucks so bad. I don’t even look at that site hardily at all that much, I have a personal account, but I barely ever use that as well.

Myspace is full of advertisements, spam, videos, stupid “poker games” and “gangster surveys” in peoples pages that I don’t give a fuck about, too many musicians in a delusional world thinking that myspace will make a name for themselves, myspace is full of delusional people thinking they are an internet celebrity because they are popular there, too many drama queens, I don’t listen to music in myspace much because there are advertisments that pop out of the player which is bullshit, there is just simply too many weird people in that fuckin’ site.

Myspace sucks, facebook sucks, twitter sucks…yes, most all social networking sites suck. The only places on the internet that I’ll be on a regular basis, are public blogs and youtube videos. I love blogs and youtube, I don’t do social networking sites much.

If you obsess with social networking sites too much and you spend too much time in them, then there is something wrong there that you maybe a little anti-social. If you rather waste time making friends with people you don’t even know when there should be better things for you to do, then you definitely have some kind of problems.

Myspace has gotten much worse, I see. It’s just as bad as craigslist.

The only time I look at myspace is to check out to see what a few Capital District musicians are up to and to chat with family members I have in myspace. I only listen to myspace bands only if a famous one I like uploads an entire album before release date.

I don’t know why musicians love that site so much when that site pretty much does nothing to your music. If you’re going to make your world revolve around in myspace, then I think you are in need of help. Social networking sites are a huge waste of time, period.



The Listening Room: Hear Neil Young’s “Fork In the Road” album in it’s entirety in myspace!!!

Neil Young is letting the public hear his new studio album, “Fork In the Road” in it’s entirety before release date April 7th in his myspace page.

I just listened to the whole thing this morning, I think it’s absolutely fucking amazing!!!! It’s Neil Young’s best since “Living With War”. There’s not one mellow and slow song on this album. It’s very much very tight and energetic electric guitar driven rock throughout the entire album. The vocal melodies are very impressive. Great job Neil.

I’m definitely picking up this album…hear it here:



Report: Tommy Boy Records indie label joins the myspace hating bandwagon…

Merlin is not the only one hating the new myspace music, you can add Tommy Boy Records to the list. Tommy Boy Records is an independent label, not major, that has mostly hip hop and rap artists to it’s roster. The labels owner and founder, Tom Silverman, also said it’s going to fail and will head to “exodus”.

More on it here:


This is great! LOL! RIP MYSPACE!


Thought: Why myspace music is going to fail big time…

Those 4 major labels teaming up with myspace to make this happen are insane to go for it. Why is making music free in myspace a bad idea? It is going to hurt record label sales for albums on CD’s that you buy in the stores. People are no longer going to buy albums anymore because all the music will be free to listen to in myspace. It is not only going to make people stop buying songs from Itunes which is the whole point of this to compete with Itunes, but those fucking record labels didn’t think how this would hurt album sales.

While I do said before that I’m all for music should be a “free” market, I certainly do not want major labels doing that with myspace. This completely makes major labels fucking hypocrites when they all say they don’t want music giving out for free or albums leaked for free, yet they are willing to let myspace run free music.

Want to know why Metallica is dominating the Billboard charts? And charts all over the world? It’s because simply put no one is buying CD’s out there and Metallica has attracted people to buy “Death Magnetic” on CD just like the good old days. No one cares to buy CD’s anymore but Metallica has inspired people to go out to record stores again. It’s really simple to figure it all out.

What myspace is doing with music now is disgusting and pathetic. What major labels “should” really be doing with myspace music is go searching for unsigned and indie label artists, and signing them to the majors because there are talented songwriters and bands in myspace.

This just shows that myspace and the major labels could give a rats ass about unsigned and indie musicians. They think they are better than us. Myspace was oringally the heart of unsigned and indie bands/musicians but they ruined the fun for us by having major labels take over myspace just to compete with Itunes. Myspace is no longer a fun website for amateur, unsigned/indie label bands like it once was.

Expect unsigned and indie musicians to create a backlash at myspace to fight back at them to get what we want. Other than that, I really do think unsigned and indie musicians should forget myspace. We should just create a website similar to myspace a networking site for unsigned/indie musicians only with no major label associates. To make it better than myspace.

I could create a website like that myself, but I don’t have the computer skills to run it or the budget to keep it up all year round. I’m sure a site like that will happen for unsigned and indie labels when myspace pisses off enough musicians.