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Tom Anderson, no longer a fan of myspace….

In the past, myspace used to be a hot website, in social media. Now it’s nothing anymore. Guess what folks? Tom Anderson actually agrees with everyone that myspace has turned to shit!!!

Tom Anderson, the former head honcho of myspace, took to his facebook, to give his thoughts, he said:

“People seem very confused why I’m on Facebook. I’ve had a profile since 2005 and a “fan page” since 2009. FB just created a feature where you can “subscribe” to profiles. They asked me if I wanted to convert my “page” into a simpler profile. Complicated? I suppose. Why am I not on MySpace? Because, I left the company in early 2009, and like most of you, I don’t like using it anymore.. not a fan of what the new folks have done with MySpace.”

I can totally see why everyone is on facebook now, instead of myspace.

The way it is set up is horrible. Adding random friends without your approval is not cool as well. Plus, way too much spam and advertisements. I think the main reason why people don’t use myspace anymore ’cause the website is full of dangerous viruses and spyware.

I don’t even go to that site anymore at all myself.

Even though facebook, still kind of sucks, I can understand why people use it anyway ’cause it’s the only safe place to keep in touch with people you know and family members.

I continue to use facebook ’cause one of the reasons is that I have family members out of state, mostly in California. That’s why I stay in facebook so I can stay in touch with them. Although I do enjoy using facebook to keep in touch with my own supporters/fans, local musicians, and network my blog.

Who needs myspace anyway.