Report: Paul Weller slams Myspace and facebook…

Paul Weller, who is the former frontman of the UK punk rock band, The Jam, has slammed social networking sites, Myspace and Facebook.

Click here to read his words:

The user comments in that article, the NME readers, has responded. Slamming Paul Weller in return. It’s like music fans can’t take his opinion. The truth maybe harsh, but I’m gonna say, that the man actually brings up some valid points.

When he tells you to “go down to a pub” what he really means, is that he wants people to do more productive things than hang in social networking sites. When he says to the guy at his show, “This is myspace and you’re invading it”. That means that Paul Weller likes to keep his life private instead of making it public on social networking sites.

You’ll have to admit that Paul is so right on what he says. Back in the 50’s-80’s, there was no such thing as the internet. It made it hard to promote music back in the old days. Now it seems that the rich & famous, the mainstream of media fame has taken over social networking sites. Real celebrities and real bands using myspace/facebook (also twitter) to promote their careers. I’ll have to agree with him that myspace/facebook is what makes this world a sad society.


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