I am worried about Bret Michaels like everyone else…

Bret Michaels, being in the hospital again for something serious sent a huge scare through everyone in the world. Why should we worry about a famous person to someone we don’t even know? Not only that he’s a rock n’ roll legend and help changed the music industry in the 80’s, another reason people worry about him is all these rock star deaths we’ve been having as of late. People worry because he could be next.

Again I was never a fan of Poison but I respect them for the success they achieved. In my understanding, the band is still together. Bret still plays with Poison in occassional tours.

I wonder what this means for his appearance on “Celebrity Apprentice”? I’m sure the show still have a few more episodes of his to air, but Bret haven’t been fired from the show yet. So he’s still on. Not sure what NBC and Donald Trump would do with him for the show, but I’m sure we’ll hear something soon. It’s great to see The Donald actually cares for Bret, even though Trump gave Bret a difficult time on the show.

I hope Bret survives too. It’s a sad thing what he’s going through.


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