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BREAKING NEWS: Bret Michaels rushed to hospital again due to heart problems…

First brain hemmorhage and now it’s TIA. Like I said before, he needs to take a break from his career. Take it easy for a long while and get plenty of rests. That’s what he needs. He’s too hung up on his fame and glory, that’s why he won’t do it. Cancel that tour and stay home, man. Or else you’ll die on the road. Bret will be in the grave along with Peter Steele and Ronnie James Dio if he doesn’t relax.

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Thought: I’m happy for Bret Michaels but still kind of concerned…cancel that tour and take it easy, bro!

It’s great news that Bret Michaels, is expected to make a full recovery, but people should still be a little concerned for him. I think, Bret should cancel the tour and take it easy for a while. What if something else happens to him out on the road? I know he has quite a long tour ahead of him. The shows must go on like they all say, but what if something else can happen to him next time around?

Bret is scheduled to make an appearance in the Capital District area in Clifton Park, at a venue called, “Northern Lights” on May 21st.

He had a rough time in the hospital. I have this bad feeling something might happen to him again. Glad he is alright for now though.


I am worried about Bret Michaels like everyone else…

Bret Michaels, being in the hospital again for something serious sent a huge scare through everyone in the world. Why should we worry about a famous person to someone we don’t even know? Not only that he’s a rock n’ roll legend and help changed the music industry in the 80’s, another reason people worry about him is all these rock star deaths we’ve been having as of late. People worry because he could be next.

Again I was never a fan of Poison but I respect them for the success they achieved. In my understanding, the band is still together. Bret still plays with Poison in occassional tours.

I wonder what this means for his appearance on “Celebrity Apprentice”? I’m sure the show still have a few more episodes of his to air, but Bret haven’t been fired from the show yet. So he’s still on. Not sure what NBC and Donald Trump would do with him for the show, but I’m sure we’ll hear something soon. It’s great to see The Donald actually cares for Bret, even though Trump gave Bret a difficult time on the show.

I hope Bret survives too. It’s a sad thing what he’s going through.


BREAKING NEWS: Bret Michaels hospitalized again…but this time it’s for Brain Hemorrhage…

Bret Michaels who is the current star of the TV reality series, “Celebrity Apprentice” has been rushed to the hospital again. This time he’s suffered a major brain hemorrhage and he’s having a rough time at the hospital. Things aren’t looking good for him.

I hope he lives and gets well soon. I wasn’t that big of a Poison fan, but I do respect Bret for his legacy.

I hate to predict death, but it looks like he maybe the next in line along with those dead rock stars. This would be a huge loss in the music industry if we lose him next.