Is Trump the first sitting US president to use twitter for real? Yes, pretty much…

This is a pretty new thing for America. A sitting US president using social networking in the oval office for reals. During the Barack Obama presidency, social networking and twitter was around but they wouldn’t let Barack have his own twitter account toward the end of his presidency. I don’t think Barack’s twitter is even real and I don’t think he really uses it himself. Trump’s twitter; however, is a real twitter account and Trump uses it himself.

Before the George W. Bush presidency, there was no such thing as the internet and social networking. Myspace came around during the Bush years I think. Technology and social networking is a new thing for politics. Social networking is a great place to express ourselves, speak our minds and simply be ourselves. Trump is the same. He uses twitter to be himself.

A lot of people are mad at Trump for using twitter while being a sitting US president ’cause this is something new and people aren’t used to it. People aren’t used to a sitting US president using twitter himself and it’s as simple as that. Well get used to it and this is technology.

This is a new way for a sitting US president to be direct with the American people instead of using the media. Most presidents in the past used the media to be direct with the people but not anymore. If you want to hear from the president, you go to Trump’s twitter. I love Trump’s twitter and to be honest, Trump’s twitter is pretty much the only reason why I’m on twitter to begin with. After Trump, I think we’ll get this for a long time, US presidents being direct to the people on twitter instead of the media.

Don’t believe the hype when the media claims that Trump using twitter is hurting America. We all love Trump’s twitter and that’s a huge part of why we all got on the Trump Train to begin with. It’s just his way to be honest since the media won’t be honest about him. If the media won’t tell the truth then who would? The media called Trump every name in the book: racist, clown, fraud, narcissist, mentally ill, treasonous, incestuous, rapist, islamophobe, homophobe, etc. And many of you out there including some conservatives say he shouldn’t be bashing the media on twitter? Really? Trump bashing the media on twitter, they had it coming so they all deserved it. Trump using twitter is just his way of bypassing the media.

If Hillary was elected and she was using twitter, I’m sure the media would have no problem with it at all.

I love Trump’s twitter and believe he shouldn’t stop tweeting at all. He drives the media and liberals insane which is why we all love it.

Simply put, if they don’t want Trump attacking news journalists on twitter then they need to stop attacking him and bring back “honest journalism”. If they do that, maybe he’ll stop. Of course, they don’t get it yet. I’m sick of liberals lying and acting like he started it all.

This is technology. He has every right to use social networking like we all do. Get over it.


One thought on “Is Trump the first sitting US president to use twitter for real? Yes, pretty much…”

  1. You might enjoy this…

    As I read

    Trump’s tweet the other day about Morning Joe TV show

    In which the Left Wing Media and DemocRat politicians have talked about it non stop and relatively nothing else

    Was a means of getting the Left Wing Media off the real focus which was

    Trump’s travel ban going into effect and Congress passing 2 Immigration Laws

    And Trump blind sided them to perfection 󾓦

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