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Miley Cyrus joins the “Free The Nipple” campaigning bandwagon against Instagram…

Damn… I missed Miley’s pic before they took it down (I’ll google around for it, though). I looked at Miley’s twitter (yes, twitter allows nudity) page to see if they have it there but they don’t have it there on her page either.


Why are these celebrity women fighting against Instagram hoping they get their right to expose their titties? Nudity is against the TOS at Instagram. I read the TOS there myself. It’s right there on No. 2.

You may not post violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos or other content via the Service.


I’m sure Chelsea Handler and all of these other celebrity women knows it’s against the TOS but why are they dying to have their right to expose their titties online so badly? Like I said, it’s their bodies so they should be able to have the right to show it all off if they please. In my opinion, looking at boobs isn’t a big deal at all. They feel that the strict TOS rules are censoring their right to do so. So they protest and campaign against the strict TOS rules hoping they would change the TOS rules so women can have their right to post topless photos. It’s a good fight and I like what they’re doing.

I don’t see Chelsea Handler and other celebrity women backing down on this. I think more celebrity women are gonna join in on this fight in the future. It’s a “women’s rights” kind of thing and that’s what they’re doing it for.


Obama and Biden join the selfie obsession bandwagon…


Obama have been obsessed with taking selfies for a while now. Biden joins in. Even though I hate these two with a passion this selfie is funny as hell, though. You can come up with all kinds of crazy captions and facebook memes with this one. This photo will be popular for facebook memes pretty quickly, give it time.

Their look on their faces is clearly them saying: “Hey America, we don’t care about you and we are about to destroy you.”

They seem to care more about being “famous” than the country itself.

Both of these assholes need to go.


Is James Franco a sexual predator of underage girls? Something tells me this wasn’t the first time he’s done it…

These are the kind of things that goes on in Hollywood. This girl is only responding to James Franco because she is probably thrilled that a big Hollywood movie star is talking to her in a back and forth chat. James’s “celebrity” status is making him think he can get any girl he pleases… it’s his huge ego. The guy maybe a talented actor but in real life, he can be a bit of a whack-job. Just look at his “selfie” obsession for proof on that.

I think this guy should get arrested and get questioned. Maybe there should be a new TV show, “To catch a ‘celebrity’ predator”, hosted by Chris Hansen again. James is only 35 years old and he’s talking to her like a teenage boy as you can clearly see, that’s some good acting, James.


I hate that instagram site anyway. You would never see me on it ’cause I don’t take a lot of photos. I’m not that obsessed with it.


Report: Facebook buys Instagram for 1 billion…

I don’t use Instagram like most people ’cause I don’t take a lot of photos. I also don’t have a mobile phone yet. I don’t think I’ll ever get one. I do have a cell phone and an Ipad, that’s all the gadgets I need.

If I see something interesting when I’m out, I’ll take a pic using the cell phone. Not sure if the regular cell phone accepts the Instagram app, I’ll have to find out.

Mark Zuckerbrrg purchases, Instagram, the popular photo sharing site.