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Miley Cyrus joins the “Free The Nipple” campaigning bandwagon against Instagram…

Damn… I missed Miley’s pic before they took it down (I’ll google around for it, though). I looked at Miley’s twitter (yes, twitter allows nudity) page to see if they have it there but they don’t have it there on her page either.


Why are these celebrity women fighting against Instagram hoping they get their right to expose their titties? Nudity is against the TOS at Instagram. I read the TOS there myself. It’s right there on No. 2.

You may not post violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos or other content via the Service.


I’m sure Chelsea Handler and all of these other celebrity women knows it’s against the TOS but why are they dying to have their right to expose their titties online so badly? Like I said, it’s their bodies so they should be able to have the right to show it all off if they please. In my opinion, looking at boobs isn’t a big deal at all. They feel that the strict TOS rules are censoring their right to do so. So they protest and campaign against the strict TOS rules hoping they would change the TOS rules so women can have their right to post topless photos. It’s a good fight and I like what they’re doing.

I don’t see Chelsea Handler and other celebrity women backing down on this. I think more celebrity women are gonna join in on this fight in the future. It’s a “women’s rights” kind of thing and that’s what they’re doing it for.


Brock doesn’t care about the MTV VMA’s anymore!!!

So you have to ask. Did the Brock watch the MTV VMA’s last night? NOPE! I did not. I just don’t care about the fucking VMA’s anymore. Everything you see on that show is fake and scripted. Even this whole Kanye vs. Taylor feud is fake and scripted. I don’t take what MTV does seriously. I stopped caring for the VMA’s a long time ago. MTV was good in the 80’s during the hair metal era and the early 90’s during the grunge metal era, but after that, MTV turned to shit. I don’t know why people still watch that fucking station. Not my thing.

So Justin Bieber turns out to be a drummer and he did a drum solo at last night’s show. Oh goody! NOT! I can think of plenty of kids that can play the drums way better than him. Look through youtube and you can see kids from 10-15 playing drums professionally and skilled.

What did I watch last night instead? I watched the Cowboys vs. Redskins game instead. That was better. It was a good game too. I wanted the Cowboys to win, but not too worry there will be plenty more Cowboys games up ahead! I’m sure they’ll do better in the future! I find myself watching sports a lot more often and I’ll probably watch a lot more football this year. I like the NFL. MLB baseball is alright, but I find football more exciting. Fuck the MTV Awards, fuck it all.