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Congrats to the band Tool, “Fear Inoculum” is no. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 beating out Taylor Swift…

Even after a long 13 year hiatus from the music business, people still haven’t forgotten about Tool after all these years. Tool’s “Fear Inoculum” finally comes out and it’s already the biggest selling album which isn’t surprising. The album somehow went up to no. 1 on the Billboard 200, beating out Taylor Swift’s new album, “Lover”.


This is impressive and amazing really. Nowadays, it’s still very difficult for any rock band to make it high on the Billboard 200 ’cause pop, country and rap are still a dominating industry. You can still see that rock and metal is still slowly trying to make a mainstream comeback.

It’s not surprising that “Fear Inoculum” would turn out to be a pretty big seller ’cause it’s a pretty great album. I love it. It’s their best one in their career for sure.


Why are music award shows trying to shut out Taylor Swift?

The Grammy award nominations are out for 2018 and they are terrible like they usually are every year. Taylor Swift snubbed again in major award categories when she just put out a new album titled, Reputation. I am noticing more and more that music award shows are trying their best to shut out Taylor Swift. The Grammy’s didn’t shut out Taylor Swift completely; however, they did give her a nomination for something. They gave her a nomination for “Best Country Song” category, but it’s a song she didn’t perform herself. She wrote a song for Little Big Town called, “Better Man” and Taylor will probably end up winning that award too.

Check out the nominations here…

Grammy Nominations 2018: Complete List

Why are the Grammy’s trying to ignore Taylor Swift? Why are they snubbing her from major awards like “Record of the Year” and “Album of the Year”? I think the obvious answer to that is politics. Are award shows upset that Taylor continues to stay apolitical in her career? Ya know, Taylor keeping quiet about her political views. Are they upset that she refuses to be a loudmouth about liberal politics and she won’t bash Donald Trump? Those are probably the reasons.

Another reason is that race could be a big part of it too. Have you noticed each year in the Grammy’s there have been more black artists getting nominated than white artists? This year there are mostly black artists nominated. Pretty much all artists nominated for “Record of the Year” and “Album of the Year” are black artists except for Lorde.

Yeah, no doubt the Grammy’s are doing all they can to keep Al Sharpton and all the race baiters out there happy. All of this have got to do something with race, absolutely. The Grammy’s are looking to be more like the BET awards nowadays.

Look… don’t get me wrong… I have nothing against black artists because I happen to like some rap/hip hop and R&B myself. It’s just that it’s unfair for these award shows to ram these rap and pop artists down our throats when there are many other talented artists that deserve these opportunities. I think it’s because some don’t want Taylor Swift hogging the award show spotlight and that’s what they’re afraid of.

I love Taylor Swift. I just think the music industry just stopped caring for her. Now they’re trying to ram Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar down our throats… artists that I don’t care for at all. Award shows are getting worse every year. Fed up with them all. I stopped watching all award shows and you should too.

Speaking of Taylor Swift, I haven’t bought her new album Reputation but I’m gonna get it pretty soon. I love her previous album 1989. Yeah, I’m mostly into rock n’ roll and metal music but sometimes I have to listen to a little bit of everything else that’s out there.


The media needs to leave Taylor Swift alone about her political views… she’s doing a smart thing keeping politics to herself!

One of the things that I like a lot about Taylor Swift is that she keeps politics out of everything. In her career, she never wrote songs about politics unlike most artists. She doesn’t talk about politics in interviews at all, and she doesn’t talk about politics at her live shows as well. She’s been “apolitical” for many years. There are too many music artists that bring left-wing politics into music… artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against the Machine, Neil Young, Roger Waters, Madonna, Katy Perry, and many more to name. I give Taylor a lot of props for keeping quiet about politics. Just shut her mouth and play music which is what other artists should be doing.

What marie claire did here was pretty appalling. Why does the media wants all celebrities to speak out on politics? Not all of them have to. It is their decision whether or not they want to talk about politics in their music careers. All those left-wing artists that are loudmouths about liberal politics, they have chosen to do that. They have chosen to destroy their careers and alienate their fanbase. That’s not what Taylor wants to do.


Is Taylor a die-hard liberal? Possibly. You just never know what her political views are. Media thinks she’s a liberal and thinks she voted Hillary, but they want her to speak out about it. Taylor could even be a conservative and she may have had voted for Trump as well, ya never know. Think about why she’s keeping quiet about her political views ’cause she maybe a very conservative woman, ya know? She’s afraid it will destroy her career if she went political.

I respect Taylor even more for never going political which is why I feel the need to support her music. Yes, I’m a Taylor Swift fan. She’s a good artist. Her music is actually good. I dig her country/pop stuff and I dig her pop stuff too. I like the 1989 album a lot and looking forward to buying Reputation. Taylor Swift is one of the very few good artists left nowadays in today’s major label industry.

I wish the media would back off on her and leave her the fuck alone. There are very few artists that refuses to get political nowadays like Taylor Swift, Billy Joel and Reba McEntire to name a few.

That’s what we want music artists to do. Just shut up, sing, play your guitar and do what you’re supposed to do… entertain people.

The same goes for Albany local bands and musicians… they can be a bunch of left-wing SJW loudmouths too and I’m sick of it.


Another thing about Taylor’s new song “Look What You Made Do”… I forgot to mention something…

Ya know, a lot of people are turned off by Taylor in this song ’cause of the dark lyrics and negative content. Sure, it was a negative song and she was ranting a bit but maybe she’s just tired of writing positive and happy-go-lucky songs all of the time? Maybe in this new album she feels the need to write how she’s really feeling whether she’s angry, sad or happy, ya know? She feels that this album she needs to get things out of her system. She wanted this album to be more personal and more autobiographical.

I think  it’s pretty ballsy for her to go different directions with her music which makes me like her even more. She’s sure not afraid to take risks with her music no matter what the public thinks.

With my own music, I’m not afraid to write what I want and that’s the beauty of songwriting. You get to write what you want and get things out of your system. I’ve written both angry songs and happy songs. I’ve tried to write songs in all feelings. It’s good when music artists do that.

Why get all over Taylor for negativity and dark lyrics when there are so many rap songs that encourages violence, killing cops and committing crime? How come nobody says anything about that?



Thoughts on the new Taylor Swift song, “Look What You Made Me Do”… I like it a lot… it’s different!!!

A lot of people are bashing Taylor Swift’s new song that she just put out today and I don’t know why. In my opinion, I think it’s really fucking good. I mean that too. I could have sworn that when Taylor released her pop hit “Shake It Off”, everybody bashed that song and later everybody loved that song. The same will happen to this song, “Look What You Made Me Do”.

Yes, this song is different than her previous material but who cares? Taylor’s first couple of albums were pop/country and then she changed her genre with the album “Red”. Then she went full-on pop with the album “1989”. For this album looks like she changed genres again but this time to electronic music and stuff that you would hear in a nightclub.

Why do people get mad when Taylor changes genres? Bands and artists changes genres with their music all the time. It’s nothing new in the industry… for example, David Bowie went from glam rock to 80’s dance music, Neil Young keeps going from jam rock to hard rock to mellow stuff, U2 changed genres from rock n’ roll to pop, Mumford & Sons went from bluegrass/folk to rock n’ roll, Metallica went from thrash metal to regular hard rock/alternative music, Beck went from acoustic folk to pop to rap, Kid Rock went from metal/rap to country/rock… so on and so forth. It happens so shut up about it please!

Back to this song, I like it. Quite a lot actually. I kept listening to it repeatedly. I like the groove and the feeling of the song. I like the message it sends in the lyrics too. Seems to me that she’s saying in this song that she doesn’t like drama, she believes in karma and you’ll get yours. She’s written about something we’ve all experienced and we can all relate. I think the vocals are real good in this song and love the vocal melody too.

I’m definitely looking forward to the new album. I really liked “1989” a lot, it’s a good record and I’m sure her next one is gonna be good too. I love how she keeps politics out of her music and her music career which is a good thing and it’s one of the reasons why I like her. Taylor is awesome. I used to be a hater but her music grew on me.



Taylor Swift sued for $42 million by R & B artist accusing her of plagiarizing the lyric line, “Haters gonna hate”… really???

Taylor Swift just got sued for $42 million by an R&B singer named Jesse Braham accusing her of ripping off the lyric line, “Haters gonna hate”. The lyric line from Taylor’s hit song, “Shake It Off”. He claims he was the one who created the phrases “Haters gonna hate” and “players gonna play” and even claims he’s got the copyright for both of them.


This lawsuit is pretty ludicrous and it’s probably gonna get thrown out anyway so there’s nothing to worry about. This Jesse Braham is just an egomaniacal singer with huge delusions of grandeur. He’s probably all jealous that Taylor’s song is a big hit and his music isn’t going anywhere.

That’s what seems to be going on a lot in the music industry nowadays. When a band or an artist makes a song and it becomes a huge mainstream hit, someone will get all jealous and accuse them of plagiarism.

This Jesse Braham asshole doesn’t own the phrases “haters gonna hate” or “players gonna play” ’cause they’ve been popular internet terms for years now. I’m sure those phrases are in many other songs too.

He’s only attacking her ’cause he’s jealous of her fame and superstardom. Period.


Nicki and Taylor kissed and made up but did Nicki play the race card???

It turns out that Nicki wasn’t talking about Taylor at all which is good but Nicki is still a bit of a bitch over this whole thing.


While Nicki went on a rant that she didn’t get nominated for “Video of the Year” Nicki still played the race card, though. Nicki claimed that the industry doesn’t reward enough black female pop stars and that’s playing the race card for sure. Like usual, black people always play the race card. That’s the problem with this country. Everybody wants to play the race card and it has been that way ever since Barack Obama’s been elected in the US. You wanna disagree with Obama’s presidency, you’ll get called a racist. You don’t want to get enough blacks nominated for the Oscars, you’ll get called a racist. You don’t want to nominate enough blacks for the MTV VMA’s, you’ll get called a racist. Racist this and racist that. So Nicki is trying to imply that MTV is racist.

It doesn’t end there for Nicki, she did a lot of body shaming and women shaming in her tweets, though.

Sure enough, Nicki doesn’t get any flak for her offensive tweets but instead people “applaud” her and even Taylor applauded Nicki being the feminist that Taylor is.

So Nicki is upset that her video for “Anaconda” didn’t get nominated for “Video of The Year”? Who cares! She should focus on her career than worry about winning a award. That’s the deal with pop stars. They’re all gonna be full of huge egos and lots of delusions. That’s how the industry is these days.