Another thing about Taylor’s new song “Look What You Made Do”… I forgot to mention something…

Ya know, a lot of people are turned off by Taylor in this song ’cause of the dark lyrics and negative content. Sure, it was a negative song and she was ranting a bit but maybe she’s just tired of writing positive and happy-go-lucky songs all of the time? Maybe in this new album she feels the need to write how she’s really feeling whether she’s angry, sad or happy, ya know? She feels that this album she needs to get things out of her system. She wanted this album to be more personal and more autobiographical.

I think  it’s pretty ballsy for her to go different directions with her music which makes me like her even more. She’s sure not afraid to take risks with her music no matter what the public thinks.

With my own music, I’m not afraid to write what I want and that’s the beauty of songwriting. You get to write what you want and get things out of your system. I’ve written both angry songs and happy songs. I’ve tried to write songs in all feelings. It’s good when music artists do that.

Why get all over Taylor for negativity and dark lyrics when there are so many rap songs that encourages violence, killing cops and committing crime? How come nobody says anything about that?



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