Thoughts on the new Taylor Swift song, “Look What You Made Me Do”… I like it a lot… it’s different!!!

A lot of people are bashing Taylor Swift’s new song that she just put out today and I don’t know why. In my opinion, I think it’s really fucking good. I mean that too. I could have sworn that when Taylor released her pop hit “Shake It Off”, everybody bashed that song and later everybody loved that song. The same will happen to this song, “Look What You Made Me Do”.

Yes, this song is different than her previous material but who cares? Taylor’s first couple of albums were pop/country and then she changed her genre with the album “Red”. Then she went full-on pop with the album “1989”. For this album looks like she changed genres again but this time to electronic music and stuff that you would hear in a nightclub.

Why do people get mad when Taylor changes genres? Bands and artists changes genres with their music all the time. It’s nothing new in the industry… for example, David Bowie went from glam rock to 80’s dance music, Neil Young keeps going from jam rock to hard rock to mellow stuff, U2 changed genres from rock n’ roll to pop, Mumford & Sons went from bluegrass/folk to rock n’ roll, Metallica went from thrash metal to regular hard rock/alternative music, Beck went from acoustic folk to pop to rap, Kid Rock went from metal/rap to country/rock… so on and so forth. It happens so shut up about it please!

Back to this song, I like it. Quite a lot actually. I kept listening to it repeatedly. I like the groove and the feeling of the song. I like the message it sends in the lyrics too. Seems to me that she’s saying in this song that she doesn’t like drama, she believes in karma and you’ll get yours. She’s written about something we’ve all experienced and we can all relate. I think the vocals are real good in this song and love the vocal melody too.

I’m definitely looking forward to the new album. I really liked “1989” a lot, it’s a good record and I’m sure her next one is gonna be good too. I love how she keeps politics out of her music and her music career which is a good thing and it’s one of the reasons why I like her. Taylor is awesome. I used to be a hater but her music grew on me.



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