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Pop star Nicki Minaj is not for the vaccine… of course, she is attacked by liberals and the mainstream media…

Nicki Minaj has always been a pretty leftist pop star but did she just take the red pill about the covid vaccines??? It certainly seems so. She’s all over her twitter account attacking the vaccine like mad and I’m like blown away seeing all this.

I’ve never really been a fan of this lady but I’ll respect her for this one. She just made me like her just a little more.

Just like with Eric Clapton and Van Morrison, they spoke out about their bad experiences with vaccines, of course, they got trashed by leftism and now Nicki is another music artist speaking out about the bad experiences with the covid vaccine.

All she’s doing is speaking out her bad experiences with it which she is doing nothing wrong but of course, the left is accusing her of spreading misinformation.

I think what she’s doing is pretty mind blowing and hope she keeps it going.

What happened with “Freedom of Expression”??? We’re not allowed to have that anymore? It seems so with all this “covid” censorship in social media nowadays, it’s disgusting.

Just to be aware about something, not all leftist people are for the vaccine. I’m seeing plenty of die-hard liberals that are not for it. We all should have the right to question the vaccine doesn’t matter which side you’re on politically.

I almost want to buy a Nick Minaj album because what she’s doing is so great but not yet. I’ll start checking out her songs in youtube at least. I’ll wait to see if she doesn’t sell out, ya know, bow down to the left ’cause I hate it when this happens and then I’ll think about getting an album of hers.

I thought attacking blacks is racist??? But nope, here we are seeing all kinds of people bashing Nicki ’cause they don’t agree with her on something. They can’t call her racist even though I’m sure they want to.


Shameful… Nicki Minaj makes fun of handicap person in a wheelchair…

Nicki Minaj is dressed up as a witch or whatever and she’s walking through a hallway with a group of people. She’s just laughing with her group of friends and she’s just points her fake magic wand at someone on a scooter and people think the person on the scooter might be a handicap person.


Nicki responds and claims the person on the wheelchair was her friend and the person wasn’t handicap.


Well, she’s obviously pretty wasted and hammered. She probably had a bit too much to drink. Whether that was a handicap person or not, it was still done in bad taste though ’cause it makes fun of other handicap people.

Nicki Minaj is a dumb ho anyway. Look at her… walking around with her big boobs (aka breast implants). That’s the thing with these celebrity women. They’re full of breast implants and plastic surgery and they walk around thinking they’re hot stuff. The question you have to ask is, would I bang a woman like that? A plastic barbie doll? No thank you. I don’t think I’d sleep with a woman with breast implants at all. Those kind of women turn me off. I’ll take a natural woman anyday, thanks!


Chrissie Hynde says pop stars have created a pornography culture in their music and I agree…

Look like Chrissie Hynde is not backing down on blaming victims for assault and rape… she continues on with some more interesting points. In this article, she calls out the pop music industry on how they all promote sex like Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj. Ya know, being half naked in their videos, bumping, grinding, twerking, etc. Both Miley and Nicki call themselves feminists but they look like hypocrites when all they’re gonna do is look like prostitutes and porn stars.


Of course, sex in music is nothing new. Sex in pop music goes way back long before Miley and Nicki. Sex in music I believe started around the Disco 70’s eras but Madonna took sex in music to another new level.

These days that’s all you see in the pop music industry. Sex, sex, sex…. ugggggghhhh. Sex in music is getting worse too. Why? Because Sex is what makes the industry the big money. Without all the sex, they wouldn’t sell as many records. Sex sells, I guess. It does seem that the pop music industry has turned into the porn industry. Chrissie is so right on about that.


Nicki and Taylor kissed and made up but did Nicki play the race card???

It turns out that Nicki wasn’t talking about Taylor at all which is good but Nicki is still a bit of a bitch over this whole thing.


While Nicki went on a rant that she didn’t get nominated for “Video of the Year” Nicki still played the race card, though. Nicki claimed that the industry doesn’t reward enough black female pop stars and that’s playing the race card for sure. Like usual, black people always play the race card. That’s the problem with this country. Everybody wants to play the race card and it has been that way ever since Barack Obama’s been elected in the US. You wanna disagree with Obama’s presidency, you’ll get called a racist. You don’t want to get enough blacks nominated for the Oscars, you’ll get called a racist. You don’t want to nominate enough blacks for the MTV VMA’s, you’ll get called a racist. Racist this and racist that. So Nicki is trying to imply that MTV is racist.

It doesn’t end there for Nicki, she did a lot of body shaming and women shaming in her tweets, though.

Sure enough, Nicki doesn’t get any flak for her offensive tweets but instead people “applaud” her and even Taylor applauded Nicki being the feminist that Taylor is.

So Nicki is upset that her video for “Anaconda” didn’t get nominated for “Video of The Year”? Who cares! She should focus on her career than worry about winning a award. That’s the deal with pop stars. They’re all gonna be full of huge egos and lots of delusions. That’s how the industry is these days.


Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift thoughts…

This is entertaining as hell. A huge feud broke out between two pop stars: Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift. What is Nicki mad about? Nicki’s upset ’cause her video “Anaconda” didn’t get nominated for “Video of the Year” and for the Best Choreography categories.

Minaj tweets: “If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year.” She also tweeted, “When the ‘other’ girls drop a video that breaks records and impacts culture they get that nomination.”

And then Nicki made the claim that black women don’t get rewarded for influencing pop culture.


It seems like she was calling out Taylor Swift but not mentioning her name but Taylor was quick to respond anyway. Who’s side am I gonna take? Neither. I’m gonna stay neutral on this one. I can understand what Nicki is talking about, though ’cause MTV just keeps ramming Taylor Swift down our throats every year. It’s getting old. Taylor’s been hogging up the spotlight on award shows for a pretty long time now. Both the Grammy’s and the VMA’s.

I don’t agree with Nicki that black women don’t get rewarded for influencing pop culture ’cause that’s a load of crock. The music industry has been ramming black females in pop music such as Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Janet Jackson and many others down our throats for a pretty long time now. The industry have been given black women in pop music so many opportunities so I don’t know what Nicki is talking about?

Taylor’s hogging award shows so it’s gonna start to make other artists upset and all jealous. Nicki is probably just jealous nothing more. Back to Taylor Swift, ever noticed that each time Taylor releases a new album, they usually come out before award show season?

I do dig Taylor’s music myself but I do think she’s a bit egotistical and full of herself.

Anyhow, I think this feud is staged. Ya know? Fake as a way to hype up the VMA’s and get people interested in watching. A ploy for more ratings. I actually dig Nicki’s “Anaconda” btw, it’s actually not a bad pop song.