Shameful… Nicki Minaj makes fun of handicap person in a wheelchair…

Nicki Minaj is dressed up as a witch or whatever and she’s walking through a hallway with a group of people. She’s just laughing with her group of friends and she’s just points her fake magic wand at someone on a scooter and people think the person on the scooter might be a handicap person.

Nicki responds and claims the person on the wheelchair was her friend and the person wasn’t handicap.

Well, she’s obviously pretty wasted and hammered. She probably had a bit too much to drink. Whether that was a handicap person or not, it was still done in bad taste though ’cause it makes fun of other handicap people.

Nicki Minaj is a dumb ho anyway. Look at her… walking around with her big boobs (aka breast implants). That’s the thing with these celebrity women. They’re full of breast implants and plastic surgery and they walk around thinking they’re hot stuff. The question you have to ask is, would I bang a woman like that? A plastic barbie doll? No thank you. I don’t think I’d sleep with a woman with breast implants at all. Those kind of women turn me off. I’ll take a natural woman anyday, thanks!


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