Taylor Swift sued for $42 million by R & B artist accusing her of plagiarizing the lyric line, “Haters gonna hate”… really???

Taylor Swift just got sued for $42 million by an R&B singer named Jesse Braham accusing her of ripping off the lyric line, “Haters gonna hate”. The lyric line from Taylor’s hit song, “Shake It Off”. He claims he was the one who created the phrases “Haters gonna hate” and “players gonna play” and even claims he’s got the copyright for both of them.


This lawsuit is pretty ludicrous and it’s probably gonna get thrown out anyway so there’s nothing to worry about. This Jesse Braham is just an egomaniacal singer with huge delusions of grandeur. He’s probably all jealous that Taylor’s song is a big hit and his music isn’t going anywhere.

That’s what seems to be going on a lot in the music industry nowadays. When a band or an artist makes a song and it becomes a huge mainstream hit, someone will get all jealous and accuse them of plagiarism.

This Jesse Braham asshole doesn’t own the phrases “haters gonna hate” or “players gonna play” ’cause they’ve been popular internet terms for years now. I’m sure those phrases are in many other songs too.

He’s only attacking her ’cause he’s jealous of her fame and superstardom. Period.


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