The media needs to leave Taylor Swift alone about her political views… she’s doing a smart thing keeping politics to herself!

One of the things that I like a lot about Taylor Swift is that she keeps politics out of everything. In her career, she never wrote songs about politics unlike most artists. She doesn’t talk about politics in interviews at all, and she doesn’t talk about politics at her live shows as well. She’s been “apolitical” for many years. There are too many music artists that bring left-wing politics into music… artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against the Machine, Neil Young, Roger Waters, Madonna, Katy Perry, and many more to name. I give Taylor a lot of props for keeping quiet about politics. Just shut her mouth and play music which is what other artists should be doing.

What marie claire did here was pretty appalling. Why does the media wants all celebrities to speak out on politics? Not all of them have to. It is their decision whether or not they want to talk about politics in their music careers. All those left-wing artists that are loudmouths about liberal politics, they have chosen to do that. They have chosen to destroy their careers and alienate their fanbase. That’s not what Taylor wants to do.

Is Taylor a die-hard liberal? Possibly. You just never know what her political views are. Media thinks she’s a liberal and thinks she voted Hillary, but they want her to speak out about it. Taylor could even be a conservative and she may have had voted for Trump as well, ya never know. Think about why she’s keeping quiet about her political views ’cause she maybe a very conservative woman, ya know? She’s afraid it will destroy her career if she went political.

I respect Taylor even more for never going political which is why I feel the need to support her music. Yes, I’m a Taylor Swift fan. She’s a good artist. Her music is actually good. I dig her country/pop stuff and I dig her pop stuff too. I like the 1989 album a lot and looking forward to buying Reputation. Taylor Swift is one of the very few good artists left nowadays in today’s major label industry.

I wish the media would back off on her and leave her the fuck alone. There are very few artists that refuses to get political nowadays like Taylor Swift, Billy Joel and Reba McEntire to name a few.

That’s what we want music artists to do. Just shut up, sing, play your guitar and do what you’re supposed to do… entertain people.

The same goes for Albany local bands and musicians… they can be a bunch of left-wing SJW loudmouths too and I’m sick of it.


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