Is it a bit arrogant for a band and solo artist to say that their own music is good? I would say so…

There’s nothing wrong with liking your own music. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of the music you make. Is it a good idea to publicly express that you think your music is really good? I see this all the time with bands and artists in the local music community. Musicians thinking they’re playing is so good and saying that the music they make is good. It’s cool to think that your music is good, but it’s a pretty good idea to keep that thought to yourself.

When it comes to my own music, I’ve always tried my best to stay humble about it. It’s always the best idea to let your listeners decide whether your music is good or not, you don’t decide that for yourself. Ya know, just let the music speak on it’s own is what I’m trying to get at here. It’s really simple to understand.

Too many bands nowadays always going off about how good their music is. Well, if you’re one of the ones who are like that then chances are, your music probably isn’t all that good. It used to be looked at as a bad thing to think your own music is good, but somehow thinking your own music is good and liking it has become more accepted.

To be honest, I don’t think my own music is all that great. I just do what I do. Just play music and rock out. I just write songs that come out of me and many of them just happen. If other people like my songs then that’s great! If other people don’t like my songs then that’s fine too. I also think compliments about my music is a little uncomfortable, honestly and there are too many bands that love getting compliments toward their music. I just want to play and write songs.

There are too many bands out there that write music for themselves and many of them listen to their own music. Not me. I don’t listen to my own music for my own enjoyment. The only time I’ll listen to my own songs is when I forget lyrics or if I forget guitar parts, and I’ll go back to try to figure them out. That’s about it. I just write and record my songs and never go back to them. I never felt comfortable hearing my own singing voice.

I’m tired of hearing bands saying stuff like, “Our album is really good and our fans are gonna dig it”. I’ve heard bands say much worse things than that. Bands are so egotistical and arrogant about their music nowadays, it’s crazy.

No need to take yourself so serious. All I do is just write music, put them out there and see what happens.

Speaking of writing original music, I gotta get back into songwriting again soon and I will. I’ve been messing with some guitar riffs here and there. I’m itching to get new material out.



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