Is Roy Moore innocent or guilty? I don’t know but I’m gonna wait…

Some of you are probably wondering my thoughts on this whole Roy Moore thing. The story that the Washington Post that broke out in the news last week:

Conservatives on Facebook and twitter have been defending Roy Moore and siding with him like crazy. It’s interesting how conservatives responds to stories about “sexual predators” in the news. When it comes to liberal Hollywood being caught as sexual predators, conservatives are quick to condemn them; however, conservatives refuses to condemn GOP people on their own team. It’s not the first time conservatives sided with right-wing people who gets accused of being a sexual predator. For some reason, they just won’t admit that there are sexual predators and sick perverts on both sides of the spectrum.

For right now, I can’t support Roy Moore until I see how this story is going to pan out. What if the WaPo and Leigh Corfman turns out correct? What if Moore ends up turning out guilty? Will these conservatives condemn him then? You just never know.

There are sexual predators, pedos and sickos all over. It doesn’t just exist in liberal land. That’s what these conservatives want to believe and they won’t admit it. Conservatives really are that one sided. I’ve always been accused of being on one-side but I’ve never was. Conservatives do drive me crazy a lot sometimes and I’m not afraid to call out their bullshit too.



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