Musicians can’t take criticism of any kind ’cause they always expect “approval” to be handed at them…

Why is it that some musicians almost always throw a tantrum at you when you criticize them about something? You always try to give musicians helpful advice or give a different opinion of them about something, but they always see it as you getting onto them. They always take things pretty personally even if what you say is good and there’s nothing wrong with it. Still though, many musicians tend to lose their tempers when you criticize them about something. Even if when the criticism is not that bad and something very small, they still get all pissed off.

I talk all this from experience too. I’ve had many musicians over the years lose their tempers and get all angry when I criticize them about something. Many of them don’t like to get criticized at all. It’s funny how musicians act toward feedback whether it’s positive or negative. When they get positive feedback by people, they always jerk themselves off most of the time and when they get negative feedback, they don’t like it.

Why? It’s simply because the only answer is that a lot of musicians out there expect “approval” to be handed at them. They always expect approval to fall in their lap. They expect everybody to like them, but they get pissed when someone else has a different thought about them. In other words, musicians obsess with validation more than anyone is what I’m trying to get at here. If you think approval is handed to you then stop right there… that’s not how it works you all. You have to earn the approval, you can’t just beg people for it.

I would like to get people to like me and stop criticizing me, but I can’t do anything about it and just let people think what they want about me as a musician. I know I can’t get everyone’s approval and can’t get everyone to like me. I know it doesn’t work that way. Quite frankly, I don’t care if I don’t get people’s approval or get people’s respect ’cause all I want to do is just make music and play.

If all these musicians do is get mad at people’s criticism and honesty then it’s a clear sign that they do have a huge ego problem. All they want to do is hear positive feedback just so they can show off that they are loved by people.

I try to stay humble as best as possible but musicians just don’t do that anymore. I like to let the music speak on it’s own and that’s how it should be done. When you want to be a part of the musicians community, one thing to keep in mind that people are really weird around here. The thing is most musicians around here only care about themselves and that’s the freakin’ truth, ya know? They don’t really care about you even though it may seem like it. A lot of ’em live in a rock star fantasy world. They would only care about you if you give them nothing but positive feedback to them. They will hate you if they see that you’re different. I guess that’s how it goes around here. To me, I don’t give a shit either way. I’ve always embraced the fact that I’m either loved or hated. Doesn’t matter to me.

If a musician can’t accept any kind of negativity or hate then there’s a problem. What are you doing being a musician if you can’t take criticism? It really bothers me when I see musicians who gets all defensive at all negative criticism and trust me, there are plenty of musicians like that out there. I don’t mind getting haters ’cause it’s actually good publicity sometimes and even if I get a negative review toward my songs, I would still be flattered.

Like I said musicians obsess with validation more than anyone and that’s what this topic is about pretty much. Enjoy!


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