Many local bands & musicians obsess with wanting fame. They all want to get signed and make it in the industry although they will never admit it…

One of the biggest problems in the local music scene of the Capital Region is that there are too many bands & artists around here that obsess with fame. Many of them want it pretty badly… most around here are pretty desperate to make it in the major label industry. I just don’t know why. Yeah, it is possible that bands & artists can actually make it, but it rarely happens. Yeah, some bands and musicians around here had some pretty close brushes with fame like opening for some national acts and appearing on national TV like Fallon/Kimmel but that’s about all.

My question is, why would bands & musicians around here wanna get signed in the major label in this day & age? Not for me. I wouldn’t want to get controlled by the record labels. When you get signed, that’s what’s gonna happen. Record execs are gonna control you and your music. You won’t be able to make music how you want to make it anymore and record execs will tell you what songs you can and can’t release on an album. That’s the way it is these days. That’s why many famous bands & artists dropped off of major labels to release records under their own labels so they can have their own control.

Sure, some local bands and solo artists may have had close brushes with fame like opening for national acts and performing on national TV, but that still doesn’t mean you have made it. You’re still a local musician, but they still live under the delusion that they’ve “made it”. I can tell that most musicians around here obsess with fame and they all want it pretty badly. You can tell by the way they promote themselves on social media. Promoting themselves as if they’re famous when they’re not. Promoting themselves as if they’re so important.

When bands get the opportunity to open for a national act, they get all excited like it’s the best thing that ever happened. They all celebrate as if they just “made it” and I’m like, “really”? This happens all the time with local musicians. I see it a lot in social networking. If I ever get the opportunity to open for a national act, I won’t celebrate it as if I’ve made it. I’ll just see it as another gig for me.

I don’t want to be a rock star. That’s not what I do this for. I play music ’cause it’s what I love to do. I play music ’cause I want to write songs and share them. I hope people enjoy my music like everyone else and if they don’t like my music, that’s fine too. Fame is nothing to me. I don’t care about it.

Truth is, you’re not gonna get fame being stuck in the Capital Region. Only very few artists around here actually have made it but it rarely happens. Too many bands around here living in rock star fantasy land nowadays. It’s crazy.



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