More on the “Zen of Screaming” DVD singing instruction…

So earlier today, I messed around with some of the exercises on the “Zen of Screaming” exercises CD that came with the DVD set. I’m liking this DVD set very much and the price was well worth it. This is absolutely more fun to work with than Metal Method’s “Vocal Power” and “The Art of Screaming” app. I’m trying to learn to how to scream when singing and trying to hit the high notes and I believe the “Zen of Screaming” is the best vocal instruction than the other two.

I know that there are musicians and other singers that read my blog, but if you are a singer and looking to improve your singing… I would strongly recommend “The Zen of Screaming” by Melissa Cross. It’s mostly aimed for hardcore singers and extreme metal (like death metal/black metal) but this DVD set can be for any rock n’ roll singer really.

Some of the vocal exercises on here may be pretty wacky and silly, but if you want to reach you goals in singing, going through these exercises will be well worth it. When I went through some of the exercises on this set, I came to a realization that I really am a Baritone singer. I went through the Baritone section  on the CD with no problem, but I am having trouble in the Tenor section, though. It looks like I have a lot of work to do in order to become a Tenor singer but that’s my goal. I do hope one day to become a Tenor. I’m a baritone singer ’cause I do have a deep speaking voice. If you have a deep speaking voice like I do then you will probably end up being a baritone singer. I was kind of struggling in the Tenor section so I still have work to do to get there.

I do pretty much wanna become a screamer for rock n’ roll and metal. Melissa Cross said on this DVD that you’ll never sing like your favorite singers, you have to sing in your own style which she is so right. I would like to sing like Robert Plant, David Bowie and Chris Cornell, but I will never sing like them. I gotta have a voice that fits me and “The Zen of Screaming” will help me.

Singing is fun. I love it so much. I’ll never give it up. I’ll never sing better than others but I want to improve my singing for my songwriting. There are gonna be songs that I write that could include screaming and hitting the high notes. I wanna be able to do that stuff right and make it sound good. Melissa Cross is the best vocal teacher, in my opinion. She’s the real deal. I’m glad I got the “Zen of Screaming” finally!

Who knows… maybe I should try singing death metal or black metal. I do like listening to that stuff. Burzum is an awesome band. Mayhem and Venom are also good bands that I like. Metal is awesome.


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