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Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift thoughts…

This is entertaining as hell. A huge feud broke out between two pop stars: Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift. What is Nicki mad about? Nicki’s upset ’cause her video “Anaconda” didn’t get nominated for “Video of the Year” and for the Best Choreography categories.

Minaj tweets: “If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year.” She also tweeted, “When the ‘other’ girls drop a video that breaks records and impacts culture they get that nomination.”

And then Nicki made the claim that black women don’t get rewarded for influencing pop culture.


It seems like she was calling out Taylor Swift but not mentioning her name but Taylor was quick to respond anyway. Who’s side am I gonna take? Neither. I’m gonna stay neutral on this one. I can understand what Nicki is talking about, though ’cause MTV just keeps ramming Taylor Swift down our throats every year. It’s getting old. Taylor’s been hogging up the spotlight on award shows for a pretty long time now. Both the Grammy’s and the VMA’s.

I don’t agree with Nicki that black women don’t get rewarded for influencing pop culture ’cause that’s a load of crock. The music industry has been ramming black females in pop music such as Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Janet Jackson and many others down our throats for a pretty long time now. The industry have been given black women in pop music so many opportunities so I don’t know what Nicki is talking about?

Taylor’s hogging award shows so it’s gonna start to make other artists upset and all jealous. Nicki is probably just jealous nothing more. Back to Taylor Swift, ever noticed that each time Taylor releases a new album, they usually come out before award show season?

I do dig Taylor’s music myself but I do think she’s a bit egotistical and full of herself.

Anyhow, I think this feud is staged. Ya know? Fake as a way to hype up the VMA’s and get people interested in watching. A ploy for more ratings. I actually dig Nicki’s “Anaconda” btw, it’s actually not a bad pop song.


Miley to host the MTV VMA’s, Taylor Swift leads the nominations…

Admittedly, I still kind of watch the MTV VMA’s but for the only reason… I watch for laughs only. Even though MTV is not good anymore like it used to be… I still tune in to the MTV VMA’s just for comedy material. The VMA’s used to be good in the old days but these days the VMA’s are crap. The VMA’s used to be good in the 80’s and 90’s when the hair metal and grunge movement took over but now the VMA’s are obviously about Rap & Pop music.

Sometimes I just find it amusing seeing half naked pop stars on stage lip syncing and having dancers all over. It’s gonna get worse this year, I see. With Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj is gonna be all over it.


Now you know why Taylor Swift changed her direction to pop music, right? I think her labels urged her to change her genre to pop with the album “1989” so award shows can ram her down our throats even more. Taylor is talented and I dig her music myself but I believe she is overhyped though and the industry is obsessed with her for sure.

One thing I’m noticing is that Beyonce and Taylor are on a few categories together. I wouldn’t be surprised that Beyonce will win everything instead of Taylor just to keep Kanye happy.

Kanye is not nominated for anything this year but he’s probably still gonna be involved. He’s probably gonna perform or present an award or both. He’ll definitely be there though. I have a feeling the whole Kardashian clan will be there too. They’re probably gonna get Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner to present an award to somebody.

Usually every year in the VMA’s, something controversial happens just to get the world talking and debating about it as a ploy for more ratings. I wonder what’s gonna happen this year? Last year Miley did the twerk, what is she gonna do this time?


Taylor Swift, only into the music business for the money alone? Seems like it…

Each time a new music streaming service comes out, chances are it’s not gonna make a few artists happy. They’re always gonna complain and whine about it. They’ll always make claims that they should get paid for the hard work that they do. All music artists are different. Some are in the music business to get heard and some are in it just for the money alone.

While Taylor Swift is a very talented music artist, I’m not ashamed to say that she’s one of the very few pop artists that I like… I’m gonna say that I disagree with her views on “streaming” services.


She should see it as an opportunity to get herself heard and to get herself promoted/marketed… while I’m sure she does, she just wants to get paid for it. She’s one of the few artists who are in it for the money alone.

She should listen to Dave Grohl’s advice when it comes to music on the internet. Dave Grohl is all about people listening to his music for free. He doesn’t care. Dave is clearly not about the money at all. He’s even all for piracy and allows fans to steal Foo Fighters music. He knows that music is waiting to get heard so he’s not dumb at all. So it’s safe to say that Dave is not into the music business for the money at all and he made that statement many times.

Most artists today really are greedy when it comes to music. They should feel proud that people wanna listen to their music for free. They should be flattered that a fan listened to it and enjoying it but nope. When certain artists like Taylor Swift finds out that fans listen to their music for free or has been pirated… they get all butt hurt about it.

I’d be flattered if people pirated my songs or even stole them. I don’t care. I don’t mind giving out my music for free at all. I don’t like forcing people to pay for my music. When I make it, I get it out. Make it all downloadable. I will continue to do that.


Even Dave Grohl knows that music doesn’t have to be for the money…

Dave Grohl is an awesome guy. While he does play in one of the most iconic rock bands on the planet and while Dave is a pretty wealthy guy, he doesn’t really care about the money when playing music. When asked about the debate with Taylor Swift removing her music from Spotify, he just responded with a simple, “I don’t fucking care”. Then he goes on saying how he doesn’t care how much money people pays for his music, he just wants people to listen to it.


Dave knows what being a true musician is all about. That’s a great attitude to have and that’s what being a humble musician is all about. If all you wanna do is make music for the money, then you’re playing music for all the wrong reasons, in my opinion. Playing music is about the love of it and the passion. Playing music is also all about getting people to listen to the music that you make.

As far as my opinion on Taylor Swift getting rid of her music on Spotify, while I’m a big fan of her music, I disagree with her move. She claimed that Spotify is free and technically it’s not a free service. It’s not the old-school Napster and that’s probably what she was thinking.

I never cared about money when making music either. I do enjoy money like everybody else (who doesn’t???) but playing music I just do it for the love of it and try to get people to listen to my music.

If you don’t play music for free or don’t want your listeners to listen to it for free, then you gotta be greedy and egotistical, in my opinion.

The new Foo Fighters album, “Sonic Highways” is pretty fuckin’ sick, by the way. I listened to it a couple of times already and I think it’s their best album in their career. I did end up buying the album after all, couldn’t resist it.


I dig the new Taylor Swift video, “Blank Space”… it’s a good song and the video itself is cool too…

I meant what I said about the title. I dig the new Taylor Swift song and the video itself is great.

I still haven’t heard her new album “1989”; although, I do own the new album and it’s on my Ipod waiting to get listened to. I’ll get around to it soon. Maybe tonight, I’ll give her new album a listen.

People really need to stop hating Taylor Swift. I never found anything wrong with her. I listened to her previous albums which I also own in my CD collection: “Speak Now” and “Fearless”. I dig those two albums as well. I don’t have her album “RED” yet but gonna get around to buying that one sometime in the future.

Yeah, I’m a Taylor Swift fan and not ashamed of saying it. I dig her songs.

My preferred genre of music is rock & metal but like I always say, I’ll listen to a little bit of everything else. It’s important to listen to other genres other than your preferred genre. Gotta have some diversity in your tastes in music.


In defense of Taylor Swift going pop…

There’s a lot of controversy over Taylor Swift going pop for her next album, “1989” which is about to get released next week. I really meant what I said when I said that I really dug her new song, “Shake It Off” and I’m probably gonna end up getting her new album, “1989”. Admittedly, I’ve always dug Taylor Swift’s music even her country stuff.

When I say that I dig Taylor Swift’s music, I usually get knocked for it and people make fun of me for it but I don’t care. Am I supposed to have the same taste in music with the majority of the public? No. I will like what I want to. While I mostly love to listen to rock n’ roll, hard rock, metal… I would listen to a little bit of everything else and that includes some pop and country.

When it comes to Taylor Swift’s new album, “1989”, I’m seeing a lot of angry comments from Taylor Swift fans who were fans of her country music stuff. She’s getting a lot of flak for switching to pop music. She’s getting a lot of pissed off fans threatening to never support her again and they even threatened they wouldn’t buy her new album ’cause of the genre change.

Stop. Time out.

Artists switching genres is nothing new in the music business. When artists decide to do something different, they get a lot of flak for it and controversy sparks out of their genre changes. I can name a bunch of examples…

Remember when Bob Dylan made the switch from folk music to full blown rock n’roll in 1965 when Dylan went electric at Newport??? Dylan fans gave him a lot of shit for that.

Neil Young switches genres all the time. He goes from acoustic music to full band electric with Crazy Horse… it’s always back and forth with Neil. This time Neil have changed genres and stayed away from acoustic/electric by doing an album with an orchestra with his next album called, “Storytone” about to get released next week too. Neil is getting a lot of mixed criticism for that too.

I remember when Metallica made the switch from thrash metal to alternative music with the release of “St. Anger”, “Load/Reload”. People gave them shit for that too.

David Bowie often changes genres from rock n’ roll to dance and electronic music.

U2 decided to go electronic music with their albums “Zooropa” and “POP”. Yes, they got a lot of flak for that too.

Led Zeppelin did the same with their “In Through The Outdoor” album. That album was a more mellower and different than the earlier albums ’cause it had more piano driven songs on it. The critical reception to “In Through The Outdoor” wasn’t very well received ’cause people expected them to play their usual hard rock stuff and they didn’t hear that on that album.

I respect artists that tries to do something ballsy and risky. They just want to try something different and if Taylor wants to try something different, more power to her. On top of that, I don’t think Taylor’s switch to pop music is gonna be a permanent thing. Maybe she will do a Neil Young kind of thing and she’ll switch back and forth to country and pop.

I respect Taylor for this ballsy move and I’ll probably get the new album ’cause of it. I’m liking the new songs I’m hearing on it so far.


The new Taylor Swift song, “Shake It Off” is surprisingly good… I’m digging it!!!

I know some of you are gonna think to yourself, “Oh no, Taylor Swift has gone pop!”. Sorry to say, y’all but Taylor Swift has always been a pop artist. She’s just taking things to different directions this time and going old-school with her music. Her next album is titled, “1989” and it’s going to have pop songs with an 80’s style. Old school pop music. I can see where she’s going with her new batch of songs.

Her new song, “Shake It Off” reminds me very much like Toni Basil’s “Mickey”.

Which is funny, ya know… I was just starting to dislike Taylor Swift. I used to be a fan and had a few of her earlier albums but I stopped supporting her and stopped buying her music again. The last couple of albums she’s been releasing lately hasn’t been my cup of tea.

I think she just won my respect again with her new song, “Shake It Off”. I listened to the song like 3 or 4 times straight. I think the song is surprisingly good. It’s fun and catchy to listen to. Reminds me of the old days of 80’s pop music. You don’t hear pop music like this anymore. This is the kind of stuff that you’ll probably hear at a high school dance party.

I really dig the song. Will I get the new album? Not sure yet. I’ll wait to hear more songs off of it and then I’ll think about it.