Brock doesn’t care about the MTV VMA’s anymore!!!

So you have to ask. Did the Brock watch the MTV VMA’s last night? NOPE! I did not. I just don’t care about the fucking VMA’s anymore. Everything you see on that show is fake and scripted. Even this whole Kanye vs. Taylor feud is fake and scripted. I don’t take what MTV does seriously. I stopped caring for the VMA’s a long time ago. MTV was good in the 80’s during the hair metal era and the early 90’s during the grunge metal era, but after that, MTV turned to shit. I don’t know why people still watch that fucking station. Not my thing.

So Justin Bieber turns out to be a drummer and he did a drum solo at last night’s show. Oh goody! NOT! I can think of plenty of kids that can play the drums way better than him. Look through youtube and you can see kids from 10-15 playing drums professionally and skilled.

What did I watch last night instead? I watched the Cowboys vs. Redskins game instead. That was better. It was a good game too. I wanted the Cowboys to win, but not too worry there will be plenty more Cowboys games up ahead! I’m sure they’ll do better in the future! I find myself watching sports a lot more often and I’ll probably watch a lot more football this year. I like the NFL. MLB baseball is alright, but I find football more exciting. Fuck the MTV Awards, fuck it all.


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