Thought: About Kanye West losing his Mom…

When discussing the Kanye West MTV controversy on the internet with other people, and when I bring up this, “Kanye West hasn’t been the same person since he lost his Mom”…. some people will respond back… “So what, my mother died, he has no right to be an asshole”.

While that’s true that everybody loses a parent here and there (we’re all gonna go someday)… you try to make it sound like that people find a way to move forward quickly and to get over a death in the family…but not everybody. You see, every human being is different. Every human being has different emotions and feelings.

Not everybody moves on from a death in the family so quickly. You may think you can, but the other person who lost a parent may not think so.

John Travolta still hasn’t gotten over the death of his son, Jett, he is still hurting and sad over it, perfect example. The recent pictures of John proved it.

Liam Neeson may have moved forward and still working on film since the death of his wife, Natasha, but somewhere in his private times at home, I’m sure he’s still hurting over her.

When Kanye appeared on Jay Leno and Jay asked him about his Mom, that is good enough proof that Kanye still hasn’t gotten over his Mom yet. When Kanye went out and apologized about MTV thing like three times, do you think that he was still thinking about his Mom when he was doing that?

You have a death in the family, somebody so close to you, things become different and things change in life. Don’t go around thinking, “I can move on from it”, ’cause I think that’s a lie.

I think Kanye’s personal problems in the media lately has nothing to do with him not taking any time off, I think he’s still thinking about Donda, clearly.

I can’t blame Kanye for going crazy in the media lately, so I still respect the guy. I’m not a shrink or a family expert or nothing like that, but people who lose a loved one, deserved the respect. I think it’s the haters that have no compassion for Donda at all whatsoever. Kanye is fine, he did nothing wrong. Give the poor man respect while he’s going through some difficult times.


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