Report: Mayweather vs. Marquez last night was good, but was rooting for Marquez to win…

I watched the “Marquez vs. Mayweather Jr.” fight last night. It was a good fight. Mayweather still has his skills even if he took a two year break. Mayweather won and he is still undefeated.

Read about the fight here:

Mayweather Jr. is a punk, an egomaniac and a spoiled little rich kid. One day a fighter is going to come around to end his undefeated streak. Mayweather is thinking about retiring soon? Well, Floyd don’t have to worry about that, ’cause one day a fighter will make him retire and he will end his rich lifestyle.

I was hoping Marquez was going to win. As you can see in the scoring, Marquez was “that” close to winning but that one knock down in the second round, Marquez was done.

I’m looking forward to seeing Mayweather lose one day.


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